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Top Eight Hanukkah Traditions for Washingtonians

As Adam Sandler famously said, “Put on your yarmulke, here comes Hanukkah, so much funukkah, to celebrate Hanukkah.”  Well. Yes it is funukkah to celebrate Hanukkah [in DC] and here are my top eight recommendations for how you can have your own funukkah:  1:  Up your Insta Game at One of DC’s Holiday Pop-up Bars […]

Making High Holiday Plans and Picking a Synagogue

  In 2013, the Pew Research Center released the comprehensive survey “A Portrait of Jewish Americans” The takeaways from this study opened a lot of eyes to the state of Jewish pluralism today, and the future of Judaism in America.  In Washington Jewish Week’s 2018 article, they claimed it shocked the Jewish community, and (in […]

Defining Anti-Semitism

The first step of addressing any challenge is defining it.  But anti-Semitism is more than a challenge. It’s a direct threat rather than an abstract one – as our people were sadly reminded last week. The Threat of Anti-Semitism is Not New The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM), in downtown DC, calls it “the […]

Jews in Baseball

NOTE #1: This is not a sponsored blog post. Jason just really likes baseball and Jewish community life, and is therefore extremely excited to share the many Jewish baseball festivities happening this summer. NOTE #2: Jason is also getting married this WEEKEND! If you want to wish him and his bride Carly a Mazel Tov, […]

From K Street to the Knesset – Pt 1:  Zionism Today and Into Tomorrow

[Editor’s Note] Jason Langsner, one of our community members and bloggers, shares his perspective on Zionism today, and his experience at the American Zionist Movement Conference this past November. The views and opinions expressed in his blog post are not necessarily representative of GatherDC, and we welcome readers to share their thoughts in the comments […]