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Back To The Future

“Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it.”  As someone who loved learning about history in school, I always found this saying inspiring. Our history, whether it’s of the Jewish people, the United States, or the world, gives us a roadmap for how to approach the many decisions and situations that appear in our […]

Opening Our Hands & Hearts

Did you know that 17.4% of people living in Washington DC are living below the poverty line? That equals about 111,000 people, and doesn’t event include the folks that are technically above the poverty line, but still regularly struggle to take care of themselves and their families.  We can all agree that no one should […]

Protecting The Asset

Have you ever read a book and had a feeling it would really change your life? Well, last week, I finished “Essentialism” by Greg McKeown, and had that exact feeling. In exploring how to live according to our essential values, I was really struck with how McKeown described strategies for taking care of ourselves: “protecting […]

Reminding Ourselves of What’s Important

On the night that my little brother was born, my parents got me a small, yellow stuffed dog as a present. I named him Furzy, and 22 years later, through childhood, my teenage years, college, and moves to New York City and DC, one of the constants in my life has been Furzy. Through all […]

Learning How to Say “I’m Sorry”

It’s the time of the Jewish year when we need to start figuring out one of the hardest things to do: apologize to people who we’ve hurt. No, it’s not time for Yom Kippur (you’ve got until October this year), but in this week’s Torah portion, “Parashat Naso”, we receive this wisdom: “When a person […]