Exciting staff updates at GatherDC!

by Rachel Gildiner / January 21, 2022

I hope your 2022 is off to a good start and that this new year is filled with more adventures, friendships, and (many, many) gatherings! 

Today, I’m excited and proud to share with you some GatherDC updates…

For the last ten years, GatherDC has reshaped what it means to build meaningful Jewish community—through a model built around prioritizing genuine relationships above all else, facilitating meaningful Jewish exploration, and providing inclusive spaces for individual and collective growth.

As it turns out, this model really works (hey—it’s how we got to meet you!), and now we have the chance to share it even wider.

In October, GatherDC was awarded a transformative grant from the Jewish Community Response and Impact Fund (JCRIF)  to bring our Gather methodology to Jewish communal spaces around the country. I have since assumed an expanded role as Chief Executive Officer of Gather, Inc. to help steward this exciting project and also continue to guide our local success and impact.

Jackie Zais, who has been with Gather since 2015 and most recently serving as our local Assistant Director, will now move into the role of Chief of Staff of Gather, Inc., where she will leverage her deep relational skillset help guide the strategic priorities Gather as a national movement.

I am thrilled to announce that Alexandra Tureau will lead our local work in DC and Northern Virginia as Managing Director of GatherDC. Alex’s strategic vision, innovation, and deep knowledge of our relational model has already made an incredible impact in the time she’s been with us, and will ensure Gather’s continued success locally for years to come. She leads a team of truly remarkable people, and I am so proud of all we will continue to accomplish together. 

The GatherDC team has plenty of familiar faces, but there are some new ones too—and we will soon have even more new team members joining us this year to support our local work! It is never quiet over here at Gather, and our team is beyond excited to dive into 2022 helping you find your people and your place in Jewish DC. 

I can’t wait to share more with you in the coming months. Please never hesitate to reach out with questions or just to be in touch—we love hearing from you and are always grateful for your support!