Spotted in Jewish DC: Local Honey

by GatherDC Staff / August 31, 2021

Some may say that one of the best things about Rosh Hashanah is the simple joy of slathering slices of apples with delicious, golden honey.

This year, we propose you skip the mass-produced grocery store honey (apologies to the cute plastic bear) and go for something local. Not only can consuming honey have health benefits, but sourcing your food locally is also better for the environment and a wonderful way to connect with regional farms and beekeepers in the community.  Plus, the best thing about eating local honey, like most things produced locally, is that it just tastes better!

Here at GatherDC, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite local honey producers just in time for you to add them to your Rosh Hashanah grocery list!


Franciscan Monastery of the Holy Land In America

How about a little monk-made honey? In the spirit of St. Francis, The Franciscan Monastery, located in the Brookland neighborhood keeps a few hives on their property. The bees on the grounds pollinate the flowers in their garden as well as produce honey. The monks even make their own granola using the fresh raw honey provided by the bees. The only downside is you won’t find their honey in any grocery store so you’ll have to head to their gift shop on the monastery grounds. Sounds like a pretty peaceful way to kick off the new year.

Waxing Kara Honey House

Located in Owing Mills, Maryland, Waxing Kara carries a truly un-bee-lievable (sorry) array of honey-related products from delicious Eastern Shore derived bottles of honey, to beauty products, candles and even Kosher Honey Lollipops! You can purchase their products online or buy them the old-fashioned way by buzzing over to their gorgeous brick and mortar shop in Owing Mills.

Second Story Honey & Candles

Beekeeper and candlemaker, Jan Day, says her bees buzz right through the center of DC, including the grounds of the U.S. Capitol, feasting on all the native plants and flowers the District has to offer. Given their proximity to power, Second Story honey is best enjoyed when imagining these bees pollinating the fields of our democracy. 

DC Bee Honey

You can pick up DC Bee Honey at any Shop Made in DC store or online. According to the store, DC Bee Honey is always raw and always local, harvested from hives kept by small scale beekeepers around the District. The beekeepers at DC Bee Honey lightly filter their honey to ensure maximum goodness in every jar. They then label each jar, so you know what DC neighborhood your honey comes from and learn a little bit about the beekeeper who brought it to you! Sounds a lot better than what you can buy at Safeway.

Golden Angels Apiary

Golden Angels Apiary is pretty much considered the bees-knees (I tried not to) when it comes to honey in Virginia. Straight from the gorgeous heart of the Shenandoah Valley, Golden Angels Apiary uses the most environmentally friendly procedures possible to create some of the most delicious honey in the Mid Atlantic. Their products can be found in many specialty stores across Northern Virginia. 

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