Your 2021 Purim Guide!

by GatherDC Staff / February 3, 2021

purim guide

Okay, so here at Gather, Purim is usually our favorite holiday. It’s fun, it’s silly, it’s festive, it’s the best excuse to break into costume, party, and eat delicious treats. But this year, it’s bringing us all the feels. Because Purim 2020 is the last day our whole team was in the office together. *big sigh* It was the best day. We hosted a hamantaschen bake-off with the entire team and invited community members to swing by our townhouse to serve as taste testers. We held a festive happy hour. We made a funny video as a staff. We thought hand sanitizer and avoiding hugs would be the cure-all to some virus people were jabbering about. Then, the WHO declared COVID a global pandemic and alas, we were home. 

Now almost 12 months later, here we are, ready for hamantaschen contests and costumes once again and yet, still home.

But we’re done with the sulking and deep diving into how bizarre our present reality is. If there’s one thing Purim inspires us to do – it’s to find hope and joy – even in the midst of craziness.

So, no matter what you’re feeling this year. We invite you to HAVE FUN. Break out your kookiest costume, whip up a delicious batch of hamantaschen, and party like it’s 357 BCE.

We hope this guide makes it as easy as possible for you to do just that – so read on.

Know of a DMV Purim event not listed? Add it here!


DMV Purim Events (FYI: Purim is February 25th – 26th)

  • Monday, February 22nd

Local Hamantaschen

Give Back (Matanot L’evyonim = Gifts to the Poor Given on Purim)

Purim Recipes


Not Hamantaschen

Purim Inspiration