Hanukkah: A Gift in the Darkness

by Meleia Egger / December 16, 2020

Lighting the candles for Hanukkah,

For remembrance,

For joy,

For connection, warmth, and pride.


The coldest, darkest, time of year.

The earth tilted away from the sun,

We tilt inward.


We choose to pause,

make space

for ritual,

and miracle.


We mark time in





Our community ablaze

with love,


and meaning.


We hold each other

in a circle of light

that exceeds

physical boundaries.


Our Tribe is generous,

and welcoming.

Our Tribe is curious hands,

and shining eyes.



Our souls become focused

and spark.



a beacon of joy-

in our collective window.



About the author: Meleia is an avid Gather Groupie and 10 year resident of DC. Gather has helped Meleia find her people, find her place, and find her path to her own meaningful Jewish identity and community. She lives with her amazing husband Alex, and their 29 houseplants in Kalorama Triangle. She is self proclaimed “pathological optimist” who loves yoga, bird watching, and travel.



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