Vegan Hanukkah Food Round-Up

by Madeline Reich / December 8, 2020

I don’t know about y’all, but there’s no other time of year that I eat more fried foods than whatever time of year Hanukkah falls on (even that one year it fell on Thanksgiving). We are lucky that the restaurants in DC offer some really creative vegan options all year round. But, I wanted to know if those restaurants could satisfy the mitzvah (commandment) to, uh, eat fried foods for Hanukkah. 

I was on the hunt for classic Hanukkah foods, but I wasn’t so picky that I would turn down something delicious that was also fried. So, with that in mind, I’m rounding up the best that DC has to offer for a plant-based Hanukkah this year. 

Latkes & Vodka: Equinox Restaurant

While I haven’t tried Equinox’s Hanukkah specials yet, I have been to Equinox two other times and was absolutely floored. The dishes at Equinox are so well thought out, especially featuring the flavors of the Jewish holidays.

For Hanukkah, Equinox has a 3-course menu available from December 10 – 18. Start out with a curried cream of cauliflower soup, enjoy some latkes with applesauce, sour cream, and jam (no worries on having to choose your favorite), and finally finish your meal with warm banana-caramel bread pudding. All of the items on this special Hanukkah menu must be requested vegan.

If you just want latkes, you can get 10 of them with all three dipping sauces. Or, you can follow along with the chefs of Equinox as they make latkes from home on Thursday, December 10 at 7pm EST. Lots of latke options for you!

Finally, if you’re in the mood for a drink, you can add a Menorah-tini to your order. Bonus: it comes in a reusable pouch.

Not interested in anything above? Anything on their regular menu labeled with “PB” is also plant-based.

Order for pickup or delivery here. Orders for the Hanukkah menu must be placed by 3pm daily for pickup or delivery.

Get Your Fried Mushroom on with PLNT Burger

PLNT cheeseburger (left), Chik’n Funguy (right), and crispy herb fries.

Anything fried is on brand for Hanukkah, right? If you agree, then you should definitely stop by for PLNT Burger’s Hanukkah special, which is a deal on fried mushrooms AND french fries. 

Starting Friday, December 11th, you can get a Chik’n Funguy Sandwich (either crispy or spicy) and a Small Crispy Herb Fry for just $8. The Crispy Chik’n Funguy is made from oyster mushroom stems fried in sunflower seed oil. I’ve had this sandwich before and it’s really delish! If you like spicy food, I highly recommend the spicy version.

You can get this deal at PLNT Burger by entering promo code “EIGHT” at checkout. Order for pickup and delivery 11AM to 9PM daily here. Everything at PLNT is vegan and kosher.

Fa-la-la-lafel from Shouk

Okay, I know this is technically a Christmas pun, but I couldn’t help it. Do I even need to comment on the falafel from Shouk? It’s fried, it’s delicious, it’s basically a gift in and of itself for Hanukkah. So, get yourself (and your roommate) a gift by ordering from Shouk for Hanukkah. 

If the falafel isn’t enough fried food for you, you can also try the Fried Shouk’n or grab either the fries or sweet potato fries (or both, no judgement here). Pair your fried food with the hummus and pita to balance out your meal a bit! Don’t forget: Shouk also has dessert options! Check out the Lemon Date Balls or Choco Cardamom Cookies.

Shouk is completely vegan and kosher. Shouk is open daily from 11am or 12pm – 8pm (opening time depends on which location you are ordering from/picking up from). Order here!

Charcuterie Boards and Latke Specials from Fare Well DC

Chicken & Waffles from Fare Well DC

Charcuterie boards are a thing now – I see them everywhere! While nothing on this board is fried, I can’t deny that a vegan charcuterie board wouldn’t make any celebration at least a little bit more special.

Fare Well DC lets you build your own charcuterie board from a selection of vegan cheese, meats, and extras. Some highlights include smoked cashew mozzarella, almond ricotta, roast beef, pepperoni, thyme crackers, and seasonal pickles. With amazing options like these, you can set up a delicious looking charcuterie board at home to nosh on while on Zoom with all your family and friends for your physically distant Hanukkah celebrations!

Not only does Fare Well DC offer a charcuterie board, but the restaurant will also be offering a latke special (3 for $10) and challah (also technically not fried, but why not pick up a challah for your Hanukkah/Shabbat celebrations?). 

You can order from Fare Well DC here. Everything at Fare Well DC is vegan. You can order Wednesday and Thursday for pickup and delivery from 4-8:30pm and Friday-Sunday from 10am-8:30pm.

All Things Fried from Pow Pow

While Pow Pow isn’t offering anything specific for Hanukkah, I’ve included the restaurant here because they have so many fried food options that fit the spirit of Hanukkah. Fries topped with kimchi, mayo, and cheddar; vegan fried chicken tossed in firecracker sauce; fried buffalo mozzarella croquettes; plant-based chicken egg rolls in small and gigantic sizes; several types of fried rice; and more make Pow Pow a fried food dream. Not to mention, Pow Pow also makes a dessert egg roll. I mean, I don’t even know what to say after that.

Pow Pow is open every day from 11:30am-9pm. You can order for pickup and delivery here.


About the Author: Maddie Reich is a Jewish vegan food blogger and recipe creator living in the DMV. She believes in finding the joy in food and that baking is magic. Find her talking about what she’s currently eating at @thejewishvegan on Instagram and If she’s not there, she’s probably petting her dog, Charlie.







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