8 Suggestions for a Great Virtual Hanukkah Party

by Julia Godshaw / December 8, 2020

Set a theme

Share a theme in advance of your virtual party. Make it something fun and accessible. Ideas include:

  • Ugly sweater
  • General Chanukah costume 
  • Maccabees 

Send a cute invitation

Send a digital invite that references the theme and helps to elevate the occasion

  • Paperless Post has some great free options 
  • Be sure to include the times on your invite. Zoom fatigue is real, so stick to your start and end times. Recommend no more than an hour. 

Make your surroundings special

 Choose a fun zoom background or decorate your space with dreidels and a menorah. 

Dress for the occasion

Shower, change out of your work zoom attire, and “get ready for the party” just like you would an in-person event. It will help you feel special and separate from your work day.

Introduce everyone on the video and give them a chance to talk

Have all of your guests introduce themselves and tell a short story. Ask everyone the same prompt. Ideas include:

  • What is your favorite Chanukah memory?
  • What is your latke topping of choice?
  • What was one “miracle” or something positive that came out of 2020 for you?
  • Tell us about your menorah? Does it have special meaning for you? 

Light the candles all together

Say the blessings for the Chanukah candles all together and then light your candles. 

Play a fun Chanukah Song

After lighting the candles it is traditional to sing some songs all together. Those of us that are now used to singing happy birthday over Zoom are highly aware of how the timing can be off. Instead of singing, share your screen with a fun Chanukah video and song. Examples can include:

Have a group activity or game

Play a virtual game together or have a short activity. Ideas include:


About the Author: Julia Godshaw is originally from Denver, Colorado but has called Washington, DC home since 2014. She holds a Master’s in Public Policy and BA from the University of Denver. During the day, she is a Senior Analyst consulting to the Department of the Navy for WWC Global. In her spare time, Julia runs a book club, follows politics, bakes challah, hosts a virtual weekly shabbat candle lighting, takes Hebrew classes, and goes on long walks around DC. Julia participated in the ADL’s 2019-2020 Glass Leadership Institute program and was a Sixth and I Ambassador in the “before times”. Julia lives in Penn Quarter with her husband and backgammon partner, Kevin Wiatrak.




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