Sukkot Guide 2020/5781

by GatherDC Staff / September 30, 2020

You shall rejoice in your festival…and you shall have nothing but joy. -Deuteronomy 16

If Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur ask us to look inward and examine our internal lives, Sukkot asks us to shift our gaze outward. We may not always like what we see out there, but we can honestly face the tough stuff  if we live out our values, deepen our relationships with each other, and celebrate what is good. And sometimes, as Sukkot teaches, the outside world is breathtakingly gorgeous and we should let it do its healing work on us. – Rabbi Ilana Zietman

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The special joy of Sukkot is precisely the joy of having nothing between our skin and the wind and the starlight, nothing between us and the world. – Rabbi Alan Lew