Meet Adam: Jewish Kayaker of the Week!

by Rachel Kriegsman / August 19, 2020

Adam Rosen is a corporate DC lawyer who knows how to work hard. But what you might not guess is that he is a big lover of hammocks, kayaks, and a chill afternoon in Meridian Hill Park, too. Find out what’s on his bucket list, where he would love to live someday, and his best hidden talents! 

Rachel: What brought you to the DC-area and what made you stay?

Adam: I grew up in southeastern Virginia (Norfolk, specifically) and went to college at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville. After college, I got a job in DC where lots of my other friends were moving. I wanted to hang out with my friends as long as I could before they all moved away or got married and that’s what I’ve been doing! Along the way, I went to law school in DC and never left. I love the city and how easy it is to walk everywhere (and all the green spaces).

Rachel: Describe your dream DC day from start to finish. 

Adam: I really love hammocking, eating, and kayaking, so a dream day probably involves all of these. It would definitely with waking up at a leisurely 10am and walking into Georgetown to have breakfast or lunch at Kafe Leopolds, which has an informal European cafe vibe. The coffee comes with a little chocolate square and the pastries are really good and all made in-house. I highly recommend the lemon tart. Then, after sipping my coffee and people-watching for a bit, I would head down to the Key Bridge Boathouse by the Georgetown waterfront and go for a nice kayak on the Potomac. I might go ashore on some rocks mid-river to lay in the sun for a while.

Later in the afternoon, I would stroll up to Meridian Hill Park to set up my hammock and meet some friends. Usually, we play spikeball, listen to some jams, casually read, and play card games. Once the sun goes down, I would head to my favorite DC sushi place of all time, Rayuka by Dupont Circle, and enjoy some sushi. And, let’s be real, probably some sake. A post-dinner stroll is a must, and then I would round out the night by hanging out in my backyard or watching a movie.

Rachel: Sounds like a perfect day! What is something people might be surprised to know about you? 

Adam: Great question! Although a surface-level assessment of my resume points to me being a traditional corporate lawyer, I have a lot of hidden talents. My main talents include beatboxing, cooking elaborate meals in my cast iron skillet, salsa dancing, building ornate sandcastles at the beach, and looking and sounding exactly like Seth Rogen.

Rachel: Who is your Jewish role model and why?

Adam: My grandfather. He grew up in Norfolk and later joined the Navy and became a lawyer. For his entire career, he served as a pillar of his community. He only retired last year at the spry age of 90! He is quick to laugh, always stresses doing the right thing, enjoys meaningful conversations. Oh, and he’s a night owl like me. We regularly FaceTime at midnight!

Rachel: What’s at the top of your life bucket list or where are places you’d love to travel? Why?

Adam: I want to write a book one day. I have always loved writing poetry casually, and would like to try out writing a science fiction novel. Dune is one of the best books of all time and hopefully I can write something 1/10 as good.

Rachel: Speaking of writing books, is there a particular place in the world you might want to live for a year to knock some things off your bucket list?

Adam: I would love to live in New Zealand for a year and backpack around. I have heard it is really beautiful and the people are really friendly. Some of my best memories are from going on adventures with friends in wild places.

Rachel: What animal is most similar to your personality and why?

Adam: Definitely a dolphin because they are inquisitive, playful, and love the water!

Rachel: Complete this sentence – “When Jews of DC Gather…

Adam: … we eat grandma’s brisket, talk about where the best bagel in town is, and have a good time with friends.


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