Meet Sari: Jewish Online Education Fan of the Week

by Allison Friedman / May 27, 2020

Sari Cohen loves online education and thinks it just doesn’t get enough credit. When she’s not loving her day job at 2U, you might find Sari meandering the streets of DC with her adorable pup Jessie, crushing it at boxing class, or Insta-stalking Eva Chen. Get to know Sari!


Allie:  What brought you to DC?

Sari: I went to the University of Maryland, but I’m originally from New York. I got a job in Maryland and realized it was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up. If there was any time to explore a new city, it was right after college. So, I moved down to DC and I’ve been here ever since!

Allie:  What do you do now?

Sari: I am a Brand Marketing Manager at 2U, we power online graduate programs. I work with them on marketing strategies and social ads.

I’m currently applying to graduate schools in business, and will hopefully get into one of our 2U programs. I have a great editor helping me out with my essays – thanks Dane! (AKA: former Jewish Teacher of the Week). Working at 2U makes it so much easier to be able to maintain my normal work schedule, while furthering my education.

Allie: How has your job shifted since the stay at home order?

Sari: Online learning technology has obviously increased in popularity a lot over the last few months for high schools and undergraduate programs, and we have pretty much been doing this since we started. This it’s led to an increased need for spots in our program and is pushing us to think of ways to evolve how we position our programs and be more relevant to what people need. We are looking to uncover opportunities on how we can further establish the value of our programs.

Allie: What do you think will be the future of online education?

Sari: I think online education doesn’t get enough credit. Hopefully when people come out of this pandemic they will realize that – when done right – online education is just as valuable as being on campus. It’s even more adaptive to meet people where they need to be met. Sometimes your job and living situation isn’t conducive for people to get up and change cities. From what I know from being with our students, they are able to forge really strong, long-lasting connections from their online classes.

Allie:  In a post-pandemic world, what would be your dream day in DC?

Sari: I would start at my favorite bakery/cafe, A Baked Joint, for a coffee and some breakfast. Then maybe go to a workout class at Rumble. I would probably walk to the National Mall, I love the Hirschorn, so I would go there to look at some art. Then, I’d meet up with some friends at a biergarten. Afterwards, I’d go for a nice long walk with my boyfriend and our dog.

Allie: Is fitness a big part of your life?

Sari: Yeah, before the quarantine I loved going to classes around the city. Now, exercising at home helps maintain a routine. I usually wake up in the morning and do a workout, and it gets me into a nice mindset for the rest of the day. I really like boxing and strength training.

Allie:  Tell me about your dog!

Sari: Her name is Jessie, she is 17 pounds of fluff. She loves chasing squirrels around the neighborhood and hates face kisses. She needs to be pet constantly or she gets really mad. She is currently sulking because I’m not paying attention to her.


Allie: If you could invite any three people to your Shabbat dinner, who would you invite and why?

Sari: Definitely Michelle Obama. I mean, it’s just Michelle Obama and I would love to know how she got her arms toned. Then, King Princess, a music artist I like. A lot of her music is queer and I once went to see her perform at 9:30 Club with some queer friends, and as an ally, I think it really important that queer voices are represented and being heard. The music that she makes tells their stories really well, and in a way that anyone can enjoy and listen to. And Eva Chen, she heads up fashion partnerships on Instagram is one of my favorite people to follow. Eva Chen is really inspirational in terms of having a successful career. She has two kids, does fashion partnerships for Instagram, and writes children’s books. Overall they are all powerful women and have such different cultural impacts.

Allie: When Jews of DC Gather…

Sari: New friends are made!

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