Meet Rachel: Jewish Penguin Lover of the Week

by Allison Friedman / April 22, 2020

Rachel McGovern can’t wait until she can waddle alongside penguins once again, but for now will settle for watching them on TV with a mint chocolate chip root beer float in hand. Get to know this fitness loving, political enthusiast.

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Allie: What brought you to the DC area?

Rachel: Like many others, my desire to work in politics brought me here. I grew up outside of Orlando and then worked on a campaign in New Hampshire in 2014, and did a brief stint living with my grandparents on Long Island after that. I’ve been in DC since October 2015 working in different progressive politics groups. I’ve lived in Arlington since I first moved here.

Allie: What sparked your interest in politics?

Rachel: I grew up in a very feminist household, and have always believed strongly in equal pay, women’s rights, voting access, and am very pro-choice. In 2008, I was super excited about Hillary Clinton, even though I wasn’t old enough to vote for her. In college, I got involved with the college Democrats group. I care about helping to elect politicians who can help people. It’s really fun working to elect people. It’s stressful, but really satisfying when they win.

Allie: What is your dream day in DC/Arlington, post pandemic?

Rachel: I’d go to a spin class in the morning. I can’t wait until I can go to a spin class again. I love FlyWheel, Soul Cycle and Good Sweat Studio in Arlington. Then I’d go for a walk around the Tidal Basin with some friends and live my best post-quarantine DC tourist dreams. For dinner, I’d get some wood fired pizza at Pupatella. It’s super good. After that, I’d just watch a movie on my couch.

rachel m

Allie: What is your dream day in right now?

Rachel: I’d wake up, go for a run. I’m new to running, but had registered to do the Cherry Blossom 10 miler and a half marathon, and both were cancelled. I live in Courthouse and its easy to run there, it has a nice neighborhood vibe. I’d then binge watch more of Schitt’s Creek even though I’m all caught up. I’d make lunch with my new smoothie blender and read a book. Then, I’d order in thai food from my favorite restaurant down the street called Thai Select. Then, I’d watch some Vanderpump Rules and go to sleep at some point. Lately I noticed I’ve regressed to my high school sleeping schedule so I might not get to bed until like 3am.

Allie: What is one tip you’d offer about how to stay sane right now?

Rachel: I’ve been working out once a day, every day. 305 Fitness has been live streaming classes twice a day and they’re so fun. Also Peloton is free for 90 days.

Allie: What is your favorite quarantine snack?

Rachel: A mint chocolate chip root beer ice cream float. It is so good. I cannot recommend it enough.

Allie: What is on the top of your life bucket list?

Rachel: I’d love to go to Australia and meet some kangaroos. I’d also love to meet penguins, which I’ve already done at The Baltimore Zoo – but would love to do that again. It was amazing, I love penguins. 

rachel penguins

Allie: What do you love most about penguins?

Rachel: I love the way that they waddle. I love that they’re not so graceful on land, but then are expert swimmers. I’m not an expert swimmer, but I do sometimes waddle when I walk, and so I relate to that. I feel like we’re kindred spirits.

Allie: When Jews of DC Gather…

Rachel: They have a lot of fun and talk about a lot of food.




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