Meet Julia R. – Future Jewish Talk Show Host of the Week

by Allison Friedman / December 17, 2019

Julia Ring (not to be confused with last week’s Jewish Julia of the Week) dreams of one day becoming a talk show host, embarking on the ultimate Italian adventure, and a future where better frozen dessert options exist in DC. Get to know this fun-loving, energetic, extroverted woman!


Allie: How did you wind up living in DC?

Julia R: I went to the University of Maryland and stuck around after graduating. I think it’s a really good sized city, but there’s still lots to do – I felt very comfortable here. For the past two years, I’ve been working at an online tech company, 2U.

Allie: What would be your dream career?

Julia: My dream, dream job would be to be a talk show host, like to have Ellen’s job. 

Allie: Walk me through your perfect day in DC.

Julia: I love when you have a Sunday and the timing of everything works out perfectly. In the morning, I’d do a workout class – probably Flywheel or 305 Fitness. Then, I’d get breakfast at the Dupont Farmers’ Market. I’d walk around with a friend and get coffee. In the later afternoon, I’d go see an improv show. After that, I’d get dinner at a restaurant that I really like, maybe Farmers and Distillers. I’d like to get a frozen dessert somewhere, but there really is a lack of good ice cream options in the city. That’s my number one gripe with DC.



Allie: Is improv something you like to just watch, or do you also do it?

Julia: I’m taking improv with the Washington Improv Theater, that’s been really fun. I did improv stuff in high school and I had the most fun. The WIT class became a great way to meet new people as an adult. I feel like after college we have few opportunities to learn something new and get better at, and this was a chance to do that. I would also get to put my phone away for two and a half hours, which is a rarity in this day in age. Some people from my old class are forming an indie improv team and I might join it. I’m not that good though, I’d like to put that on the record! 

Allie: Do you have any resolutions for 2020?

Julia: I want to be better at planning trips. I really like traveling, but am not great about planning them. My timing always seems to be off. I’d love to go to a few national parks. I want to go to Acadia, Arches, the parks around Sedona. I also really want to plan a Europe trip. Italy has been number one on my list for a long time.

julia ringAllie: What is your favorite Hanukkah tradition?

Julia: I realize that my love language is gift-giving. I’m just like my mom and we are both always on the hunt for presents to give to friends. I’m a big board games person and want to get some people fun games.

Allie: When Jews of DC gather…

Julia: There is really good and stimulating conversation.

julia dc

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