8 Cool Hanukkah Gifts Your Friends Will Love

by Blake Band / December 4, 2019

Hanukkah is just around the corner. Looking for a cool gift for your friends? We’ve got you covered like applesauce on a latke. For the 8 crazy nights, we’ve got you hooked up with 8 crazy cool gifts:

Jewish Wine Labels (Set of 8) ($20)

wine labels

Wine is always a cool gift. Wine with these labels are even cooler. Order a set of 8 that can be applied to a bottle of your choice, and you’ll be set for every Hanukkah party!


PowerPic Wireless Charging Picture Frame ($80)

Take a picture, it will last longer. Take a picture, print it, frame it, and have your friend charge their phone on top of it. You can choose a black or white frame. This is a great gift for basically anyone, and will definitely get lots of use. 


Create Your Own Reel Finder ($30)


Have a friend you’ve known for FOREVER? Like one of those childhood friends that you went to camp with, took baths with as babies, and is your ride or die best bud? This 90’s-inspired reel finder is the perfect gift for them. Capture the nostalgic feel of a 90’s beach vacation photo album with a custom reel finder from UncommonGoods. You can upload 7 images of favorite memories that your friend can cherish for years to come. 


TV-Show Edition Guess Who ($50-$60)

guess who

For the friend that is constantly binging Friends and The Office from start to finish 10 times a year, could this BE a better gift? Is your character the youngest vice president in Dunder Mifflin history? Did your character have a stuffed penguin? This custom board game will keep your friends occupied for hours and put to test who is the true all-time fan.


Pretty, Pretty, Pretty Good: Larry David and the Making of Seinfeld and Curb ($13)

larry david

If there was a Mount Rushmore of Jewish actors, Larry David would be on it (he’d also hate the list). On top of recounting how Seinfeld and Curb were conceived, this game explores Larry’s relationships with Richard Lewis, Ted Danson, Mary Steenburgen, and the cast of Seinfeld, and contains an in-depth episode guide to Curb Your Enthusiasm. It is a perfect gift for fans of the “chat-and-cut”. Pair this book with a set of “Do You Respect Wood” Coasters for added fun. 


Homesick Candles (Holidays, States & Cities) ($30)


Know a friend who couldn’t make it home for the holidays? Or maybe they have that one special place that they love to visit? These homesick candles trigger those warm memories with scents reminiscent of each destination. Hand-poured, soy wax candles, they were formulated with input from locals in individual states for thoughtfully authentic aromas. Choose from the potato latke, apple sauce smell of the Hanukkah candle, the salty air and sweet shopping scent of Long Island, or the palm trees and orange slices of Miami, to name a few.


Hamsa Mezze Server ($60)


Help your friend serve up good times and delicious food for their Hanukkah party, housewarming or game day with this beautiful Hamsa-shaped serving set. Use the five removable sections for snacks and dips, and the tray is a good size for cheese or mezze spreads. 


Aromatherapy Heatable Slippers ($48)


Ready to sit back? These heatable slippers are the perfectly relaxing finishing touch to help your friends warm up and unwind throughout the cold winter. The insoles are filled with organic lavender and flax seeds. Pop them in the microwave and enjoy a toasty, aromatic treat-yourself moment. 


For more cool Hanukkah gift ideas, visit the I Give Cool Gift’s Hanukkah page and challah at me if you need any Custom Gift Suggestions this holiday season. 



blakeAbout the Author: Blake Band founded and runs I Give Cool Gifts, the ultimate destination for gift giving inspiration. A DC-area native and resident, Blake works for Streetsense, the marketing and design collective based in Bethesda. An avid photography and district explorer, Blake spends his time playing soccer and kicking back with his friends watching movies and sports. 








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