Giving Tuesday with GatherDC: Yoga and Bagels

by GatherDC Staff / November 14, 2019

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It’s almost time for Giving Tuesday and that means we’re feeling all mushy and grateful for our community members who make it possible for Gather to even exist (yes, that’s you).
To show you how much we appreciate you, we’ve decided that instead of celebrating this global giving movement with tons of emails and posts asking for money – we’re just going to invite you to a gratitude themed vinyasa yoga class led by Gather’s in-house yoga teacher Allie Friedman (200 hour RYT) followed by a Call Your Mother bagel breakfast.
What: A 45 minute all-levels yoga class, followed by breakfast and schmoozing
When: Tuesday, December 3rd | Yoga at 7:30am, Breakfast to follow at 8:30am
Where: Our townhouse, 1817 M St NW
Who: Any 20s/30s across Jewish DC
Cost: Free with optional $18 donation (Donate below or Venmo @GatherDC)

If you’re unsure if it’s worth it to wake up early for this gathering, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to provide you with a pro/con list: 

Reasons to come
You’ll enjoy 1-2 hours in your Giving Tuesday that don’t involve being bombarded with emails asking for money
• You’ll start the day feeling calm, energized, and dare we say happier
• When you show up to work at 9am, you can humblebrag to your coworker about how you’ve taken a full yoga class before they had their morning coffee
• You might meet a new best friend
• Call Your Mother bagels (*mic drop*)

Reasons not to come
• You hate getting an early start to the day
• You’ve never left a yoga class feeling better than you did before
• You don’t believe in carbs or caffeine
• You hate meeting awesome people

Oh, and if yoga is not your thing – you’re welcome to just come for the bagels! Convinced? Great. Sign up below.
P.S. We are so grateful to Sunomi and Call Your Mother for generously donating bagels and a special switchel drink to fuel us up after yoga class.



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atherDC welcomes the participation of people of all abilities, backgrounds, gender identities, and sexual orientations. GatherDC ​fosters inclusive communities​​​ and strive​s​ to accommodate all needs whenever possible. If you require special accommodations, please contact us​ in advance of the event​ at (202) 656-0743, and we will make every effort to meet your needs.

By attending, you understand that photographs and/or video may be taken at this event, and your picture may appear on the GatherDC website, publications, or other media.