Meet Rose: Jewish Summer Intern of the Week!

by Allison Friedman / June 12, 2019

GatherDC is lucky enough to have the one-and-only Rose Haas interning with us this summer. Get to know her below, and then follow a day in the life of her DC intern adventures as she takes over Gather’s Instagram this Friday!


Allie: What led you to DC?

Rose: I initially moved to DC from California to attend American University and have been here for about three years. I’m a senior now, studying Jewish Studies and Special Education.   

Allie: Describe your dream day in DC from start to finish.

Rose: It would definitely be in May, so that the weather would be warm and the sun out. It would also have to be a Sunday, so that I could go to Washington Hebrew Congregation in the morning and teach my class (4th grade Judaic Studies). Then, I’d go to Silver for brunch, because brunch is my favorite meal of the day! After that, I’d go swimming on a rooftop pool overlooking the city to sunbathe (I’m a California girl). Next, I’d go to dinner at Filomena in Georgetown – the best pasta restaurant – and then stroll by the Georgetown waterfront. After dinner, I’d swing by a GatherDC happy hour to meet some new friends, before going dancing anywhere that plays reggaeton music.    

Allie: What are you looking forward to you as an intern for GatherDC this summer?

Rose: I’m excited to help GatherDC on their mission to create a welcoming, inclusive, vibrant space for Jewish life in DC. I also want to continue their work in my personal life post-internship. I’d like to be someone that people come to when they are new to the city and looking for opportunities to explore and express their Judaism. I also hope to meet new friends and foster relationships with many of the people and organizations that Gather is connected with.  

Please email me if you want to grab coffee! I’d love to get to know you.

Allie: What is something people would be surprised to know about you?

Rose: I love scuba diving! I haven’t been in a couple years, but I love observing marine life and spending time in the sun, sand, and salt water.

Allie: Oh! Tell me more about that.

Rose: I have an open water diver certification and I’ve been diving on family trips a few times to places like Cozumel, Mexico, Roatan, Honduras, and of course the freezing waters in California. My favorite trip was definitely Honduras, because the water was so warm and clear and they had amazing food. On one trip, I got to swim with a whale shark which was one of the coolest experiences of my life!  

rose scuba

Allie: What is your favorite Jewish holiday and why?

Rose: Passover! It’s always been my favorite holiday because my family gets together for a delicious meal and we celebrate our freedom. We use this time to think of others who may be experiencing some form of bondage (literal or metaphorical) and how to help them. And let’s be real, what other Jewish holiday has songs that are straight BANGERS?! I start singing Dayenu in the shower at least a couple weeks in advance.    

Allie: What three people would you invite to your Shabbat dinner and why?

Rose: I don’t have three individual people’s names in mind, but I have three types of people who would make my dinner table more interesting. First, I’d invite someone who knows a lot about Judaism and could teach me something new and help facilitate an interesting discussion. Second, I’d invite someone who doesn’t see eye-to-eye with me on Judaism, someone who can challenge my opinions and perspectives. And lastly, I’d invite someone who knows nothing about Judaism so that they might leave the dinner having learned something new.   

Allie: When Jews of DC Gather…

Rose: You’re bound to meet either a long lost cousin or your beshert.


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