A Camp Love Story by Roey Kruvi

by Roey Kruvi / April 3, 2019

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camp nnn

My love story starts with an anonymous Post-it Note.

“Would you go to the camp dance with me? Yes, No, Maybe.”

I paced by her room, nervously twirling the square neon paper in my hand. Sliding the note under her door, I ran down the hall to avoid being seen. My sticky note was anonymous. If it was meant to be, she would know who it’s from.

post it

It was the first night of Camp Nai Nai Nai, a Jewish summer camp for adults. More than 125 ‘campers’ in their 20s and 30s were asleep in their bunks ready for a weekend filled with nostalgia, joy, self-exploration, and for her and I – an entirely unexpected love story.

Camp Nai Nai Nai is an incredible place where you can be yourself, explore new creative outlets, get locked in a camp-themed escape room, dance, play soccer in a giant bubble, or compete in a game of human hungry hippos. You can be in a sea of white for Shabbat and in a huddled drum circle with hundreds of new friends singing Havdallah. It’s a place where you can explore your Jewish identity in a creative, playful, and adventurous community.

And, turns out that being in this kind of space makes us more attractive to potential partners! The Washington Post reports, “researchers at Pennsylvania State University asked 250 students to rate 16 characteristics that they might look for in a long-term mate. ‘Sense of humor’ came in first among the males and second among the females, ‘fun-loving’ came in third for both, and being ‘playful’ placed fourth for women and fifth for men.”

I love camp because I love to play. I believe it is an essential part of who I am and I love to share that with others. I believe that our Jewish community (and those who love us) can be transformed by the power of playfulness, creative expression, and authenticity – and you can find it at camp.

She came to camp for the flash mobs; I came for the glow in the dark laser tag.

We met somewhere in the middle. Nearly two years and three Camp Nai Nai Nais later – we’re still together – and Camp will forever be our special place. I invite you to come make it yours.


camp nnn

About Camp Nai Nai Nai

Camp Nai Nai Nai is the ultimate Jewish summer camp for young adults in their 20s and 30s! A radical experiment in Jewish community-building – where what you do for a living doesn’t define you, everyone is welcome, and spontaneous adventures await. Join us for bonfires, bubble soccer, yoga, aerial skills, epic dance parties and more! Camp is a “choose your own adventure” experience, so whether you’re outgoing, shy, geeky, artsy, sporty, creative, spiritual, all of the above, or none of the above, there’s something for everyone.

Camp Nai Nai Nai – East Coast

Memorial Day Weekend
Friday – Monday, May 24-27, 2019
Waynesboro, PA (1.5 hours from DC)

Early bird registration is almost over!

Save $30 when you register before April 10th at 11:59PM. Grab your friends and sign up as a group of 4+ people and you’ll save an additional $25 off per person at checkout. Hurry, space is limited!

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