Meet Jillian: Newest Jew of the Week!

by Allison Friedman / November 14, 2018


Allie: How did you wind up living in DC?

Jill: When I graduated from college, I was looking for a job in DC, which made sense because I’m originally from Virginia. I got a job working for a luxury lifestyle magazine in DC and then switched directions. I’ve been working for an IP software company for the past four years.

Allie: Describe your perfect Sunday in DC?

Jill: I would wake up and have coffee at A Baked Joint. Then, I’d go to Solidcore and eat a fabulous meal at Fancy Radish. I love that place because I’m a vegetarian and can eat everything on the menu! Even my boyfriend Joel, who is an avid meat eater, loves it. At night, I’d want to see a movie and then go to Timber Pizza (Editor’s note: Timber is owned by the Jewish Deli Owner of the Week!). Also, I’d definitely want to scooter around the city.

Scootering is my secret obsession. It’s so fun, I highly recommend it.

Allie: I hear you recently converted to Judaism. What was the best and toughest part of that process?

Jill: I’m still in the process of converting. I did my conversion class at Temple Sinai, and am doing my conversion with Rabbi Evan Krame who runs The Jewish Studio. The conversion process can be very intimidating. Not being Jewish, I was scared about fitting in and being accepted. Going through this process for the past 9 months, the Jewish community has been so welcoming and taken me under their wing. They’ve always been open to my questions and have helped me be involved.

Allie: What motivated you to convert to Judaism?

Jill: As Joel and I plan for our future together, I want to make sure that we are a united front when it comes to religion and how we want to raise our future family.

Allie: What’s your favorite Jewish holiday and how do you celebrate it?

Jill: Hanukkah! As part of my celebration I will be eating my weight in latkes.

Allie: What’s your favorite way to relax at the end of a long work week?

Jill: Cooking and baking. I like to know what is going into my food so when I can, I cook. Now that it’s fall, I like making pumpkin bread, apple pies, and different fall desserts.

Allie: What’s at the top of your travel bucket list?

Jill: In the U.S., I want to go to Seattle, which I’m doing for Thanksgiving. I want to go to Austin, Santa Fe, Jackson Hole, and Maine. Abroad, I’d love to do Brazil, Croatia, and Ireland.

Allie: When Jews of DC Gather…

Jill: There’s never a shortage of food.

Special note from Jillian: If you or anyone you know is under the age of 50 and wants to play Canasta or Mahjong, comment below!

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