Meet Alexa: Jewish Committeewoman of the Week!

by Allison Friedman / August 2, 2018

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Allie: What brought you to DC?

Alexa: I came to DC for college at GW. After college, I knew there would be a lot of opportunities to get politically involved, and many of my friends were staying here. I love that DC is a melting pot of so many people from around the country.

Allie: How did you meet your husband, Josh?

Alexa: We met our freshman year of college at GW and he became one of my closest friends at college. Then, we went on an Israel trip together with Meor. Three years later he asked me out on a date to Vapiano. I didn’t realize it was a date, though, and just thought we were hanging out as friends – so it was a failed attempt. He asked me out again and made dinner in his dorm room. Five years later he proposed back at Vapiano!

Allie: If you could choose only 3 DC restaurants to eat at for the rest of your life, what would you pick?

Alexa: 1) BLT Steak – their popovers are the exclusive reason why we go there. 2) Le Diplomate – they have the best bread baskets. 3) Momiji for sushi. Also, Josh and I got engaged at Vapiano at Chinatown – so I have to add that.

Allie: Do you have a favorite Jewish food?

Alexa: You can’t go wrong with a solid brisket. My grandpa makes the best brisket. His recipe has been passed on to my dad who now in turn makes the best brisket.

Allie: Who is the coolest Jew you know?

Alexa: I don’t know RBG, but I’ll say her because she’s a bad***. She’s one of the most influential, yet respected and strongest women I know. That woman can do 20 push ups in her mid 80s! The coolest Jew I actually know is my dog George. He recently converted to Judaism. We’re giving him a bark-mitzvah soon. There’s no one who enjoys Jewish culture as much as he does.

Allie: Describe your perfect day in DC.

Alexa: I’d get up, take George (my dog) to the Shaw Dog Park with his dog best friend. I’d grab brunch somewhere on 14th street, and then try to explore a part of the city that I’ve never had the chance to explore –  like The Wharf. I’d probably go kayaking and grab an outdoor concert at night. Somewhere in there I would need to go boxing.

Oh, and Josh would come with me the whole way.

Allie: Boxing sounds awesome! How did you get into that?

Alexa: I started boxing when I was trying to get “wedding ready” last year. I love it. It’s such a great stress reliever.

Allie: I hear you recently ran for and got elected to public office! Tell me about that.

Alexa: Since I was a little kid, I’ve always had an interest in social justice. Growing up, I didn’t know what I wanted to be or do, but I knew I wanted to work to make a positive impact and channel my passion for social justice.

Many years later, I started volunteering on local campaigns. Once I had an understanding of some of the pressing issues going on at the local level, I decided to run for a local position so I could be a part of the change I want to see. I ran for re-election for a city position this year (Committeewoman to the DC Democratic State Committee) because so much is happening with our administration that cannot be ignored. To me, especially as a Latino millennial woman, it’s hard to sit back and watch events unfold without being a part of the change.

alexaAllie: Tell me about your Latino heritage.

Alexa: My mother is from Argentina, born and raised. My grandparents helped raise us and they don’t speak English, so much of the time our house was a Spanish speaking home. My mom always wanted to make sure we have an attachment to our Argentinian heritage.

Allie: What motivates you to keep pursuing your dreams in politics amongst today’s crazy political climate?

Alexa: My grandparents and Josh’s grandfather are Holocaust survivors. They have seen the worst, and – because of this – they have instilled in me the value to take action when I see something going wrong. Also, my parents are the two hardest workers I know. They teach me that you can always do more, and to never fall to the bystander effect. My mom went through medical school with three babies in a language that was not her first. It also helps when your husband is the best cheerleader you can have.

Allie: What’s your favorite quote?

Alexa: You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. Even though it’s a cliche, I love it because it’s true – if you don’t try, then you can’t succeed. Don’t let people distract you from your goals.

Allie: Complete the sentence: When Jews of DC Gather…

Alexa: They deck the halls with matzo balls.

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