Meet Stephanie: Jewish Social Media Rockstar of the Week!

by Allison Friedman / July 3, 2018

Stephanie Arbetter is a DC social(media)ite with a whole lot of Southwestern flair. Hailing from Dallas, Texas, this quick-witted, outgoing, cocktail loving lady is one you should definitely get to know. Lucky for you, we got the exclusive 1:1 right here.

Oh, and after you read this, you should check out Stephanie’s secondary persona TipsyTipsDC. Because, well, she has a lot of tips on getting tipsy in DC.

stephanie with popsicle

Allie: How did you wind up living in DC?

Stephanie: I’m originally from Dallas, Texas. I moved to DC because I wanted to get involved in the travel and tourism industry, and there are a lot of opportunities for that in DC.

Allie: Is DC a lot different from Dallas?

Stephanie: Everybody in DC has come here because they are very passionate about something. They are very driven and dedicated to their jobs, and they are interested and focused on personal development. I really like how worldly and cultured DC is.

Allie: What is your favorite social media platform and why?

Stephanie: Twitter. I’m obsessed with Twitter. That’s primarily where I get my news. I think people are more raw and unfiltered on it; you get a sense for what people are really thinking. Instagram is a little more fake. But I love Instagram stories. I stopped doing SnapChat. Facebook is a little too public, so I keep my content closer to my vest on Facebook. It’s great for big news that you want everyone to see.steph with friends

Allie: What’s the secret to a great Instagram post?

Stephanie: The people who stand out are the ones who are most authentic. People have a really good sense of knowing what’s fake and who’s trying too hard. Also, if you have to ask if this is too much or if this is oversharing, it probably is.

Allie: How do you balance living in the present and being on social media?

Stephanie: Take one or two pictures, and then put your phone away and enjoy the moment. Do not take pictures throughout your meal or your trip. Do not have your phone out with you when you’re trying to experience a hike, or a waterfall, or a sunset. It sucks when you have your phone and you’re just waiting for that perfect moment, so you can’t enjoy it.

Allie: What are you doing for the 4th of July?

Stephanie: I am going to my friend’s pool party, and then I am hosting a few friends on my rooftop because I live near the National Mall. You can see the fireworks from my rooftop. I love the Fourth of July. I love that everyone just takes a break and enjoys themselves.

Allie: If you could have 3 celebs in your entourage, who would they be and why?

Stephanie: Mindy Kaling, because she’s super funny and I feel like we’d be best friends. Lin-Manuel Miranda, because I’d be entertained all the time. Malcolm Gladwell, because he’s so smart and would keep me thinking and guessing all the time.

Allie: Do you have any goals for your year ahead?

Stephanie: There is something in DC for anything you are interested in, but it’s really on you to take advantage on that. I want to better take advantage of DC and get involved in different nonprofit and Jewish organizations this year.

Allie: What is your favorite Jewish holiday and why?

Stephanie: Yom Kippur. I love that everyone just disconnects, and at the end everyone comes together. While it’s really serious, it’s also really festive and full of traditions. Break the Fast is one of my favorite things every year. I love that on Yom Kippur you can take a day to be for yourself.

Allie: Who is the coolest Jew you know?

Stephanie: Josh Malina, he’s just awesome.

Allie: If you could eat at only 3 DC restaurants forever, what would they be?

Stephanie: Rasika. I love their Chicken tikka masala. Zaytinya. Le Diplomate, they have the best burger and fries. I’m a major foodie, and I also love cocktail bars like The Gibson and Morris Bar. I have a cocktail Instagram account called TipsyTipsDC.

steph with drink

Allie: What are you most excited about this summer?

Stephanie: Fun travel plans. I’m going to Vermont, Dallas, and Chicago. And this winter I’m going on a volunteer trip with JNF to Israel!

Allie: Complete this sentence, when Jews of DC Gather…

Stephanie: Someone always starts Jewish geography.




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