Jewish Dog of the Month: Bailey

by Sarah Brennan / June 27, 2018

This tiny-pawed puppy is on a mission to brighten the days of every Jewish young adult across the DMV, one tail wag at a time. 

Oh, and Bailey wanted us to give a huge “MAWWZEL TOV!” to her parents on their recent engagement, and hopes to walk down the aisle at their wedding. Oh, and nbd or anything, but his parents met at a GatherDC happy hour

puppySarah: What is your name?

Bailey: Bailey, aka Bails, Bailush, Bailseybubs and many nicknames of the sort.

Sarah: What breed of dog are you?

Bailey: I’m a King Charles Cavalier.

Sarah: How did you get to DC?

Bailey: When I was only 8 weeks old, Daddy surprised Mommy with me for her birthday! He told her to get in the car for a drive. He kept driving…and driving…and driving until they ended up at my first home in Richmond! Mommy said I was the best surprise and present she ever got.

Sarah: What is your favorite food?

Bailey: Turmeric! Mom and Dad put it in my dinner every night. I dunno, I guess it’s healthy for pups or something. But it turns my nose yellow, which looks pretty silly. Besides that, mulch. Lots and lots of mulch. I just can’t ever seem to eat enough of it, no matter how much Mom and Dad try to stop me.

Sarah: What is the best compliment you’ve ever received?

Bailey: People tell me all the time that I made their day with my cute face. Some people say they were having a bad day till they saw me, and I brightened it up for them! Even some people say, “I don’t even like dogs…but you are the cutest thing in the world”

Sarah: Who is your best friend?

Bailey: Sunny. No, Nikko. No, Lola. No, Sunny, definitely Sunny. I’m gunna be honest, and I hate to be cliche, but I really do love everyone. Human, dog, cat, bird…you name it. I just wanna play with everyone.

Sarah: What is your biggest pet peeve that your owner does?

Bailey: Ugh, they’re always sticking their hands in my mouth to get out the huge assortment of random items I find on the ground! From plastic caps to metal screws to rubber bands to mulch. It’s so annoying!

Sarah: What’s your favorite Jewish holiday and why?

Bailey: I haven’t gotten to experience all of the Jewish holidays yet, I’m just a baby! I’ve only been around 4 months. But, I can’t wait for Hannukah. I hear we get lots of gifts! Any excuse for more bones and toys to chew on sounds great to me! I’m also looking forward to Yom Kippur, to atone for my sins of peeing in the house on an almost daily basis, despite Mom and Dad’s best efforts of taking me out 7+ times daily.

Sarah: I get most excited when…

Bailey: I hear the sound of my dog food bag and I know a meal is coming! Or when Mom and Dad come home from work, so I can play with them all night long with my nonstop energy.


About the author: Sarah Brennan grew up in St. Petersburg, Florida and graduated from The University of Rhode Island with a degree in Communications in 2012. After graduating, she lived in Israel until 2016 where she got her M.A. in Government from the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya and worked as an Intelligence Analyst at Cycurtiy Ltd. She moved to DC in May 2016 and works at AIPAC on their Policy & Government Affairs team. In her spare time, she enjoys 305 fitness classes, horseback riding, and traveling.

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