*NEW FEATURE* Jewish Dog of the Month: Lilush!

by Allison Friedman / June 13, 2018

Say “woof” to our newest blog feature…The Jewish Dog of the Month.

GatherDC’s very own Open Doors Fellow and big time dog lover, Sarah Brennan, is excited to showcase the cutest Jewish pups across the district.

Learn what really goes on inside the heads of these adorable, Challah-loving furballs with this monthly treat. Plus, we’ll even offer meetups throughout the year where you can get to know these pups and their awesome owners. Email Sarah if you and your dog would be interested in attending get-togethers with other pups and their humans.

*Wags tail*

The first doggy to be featured is Sarah’s own pup, Lilush! A dog that needs no introduction.


Allie: What is your name?

Lilush: Lilush – American name: Layla. My owner’s name is Sarah Brennan.

dog and ownersAllie: Where did your name come from?

Lilush: My name comes from Israel! I lived and grew up there before moving to DC.

Allie: What’s your favorite DC restaurant?

Lilush: I love to dine al fresco at Sette Osteria and Floriana! Sette has a great happy hour, and I am always welcomed with a warm greeting and tons of water. Floriana is across from where I live and they have tasty Rose. Plus, Italian is my favorite cuisine, how can you beat the complimentary bread?

Allie: How did you get to DC?

Lilush: I moved here from Tel Aviv! I was so lucky when my pawrents decided to move to DC, and I was able to fly in the plane with them (I got upgraded to business class, NBD). I had the greatest time on the plane, and was surrounded by kids giving me non-stop attention.

Allie: What is your go-to pet store?

Lilush: I love “Doggy Style Bakery, Boutique, & Pet Spa”. I’m so lucky because it is located just down the block from my home! I go there for regular groomings and to stop in for treats and toys. Last Halloween, I won their costume contest (wearing a sparkle tutu).

What is your favorite food?

Lilush: I love the classics. I can never go wrong with peanut butter, especially if it is covering one of my new bones.

dog at brunch

Allie: What is the best compliment you’ve ever received?

Lilush: A year ago, when I moved to DC, a young girl told me I was “so fluffy she could die.” She said I was fluffier than the unicorn from “Despicable Me”.

Allie: What is your favorite thing to do when you think no one is looking?

Lilush: My favorite pastime is snagging food off the street during my walks when my owners aren’t looking. This morning, I found a chicken wing.

Allie: If a genie could grant you 3 wishes, what would they be?

Lilush: 1) Go to brunch/happy hour everyday with my mom and friends. 2) Have endless amounts of treats and bully sticks. 3) Have designated people whose sole purpose is to rub my belly.

Allie: What’s your favorite Jewish holiday and why?

Lilush: That’s a tie! I love Passover because most times at the Seder people pass me their matzah when they are sick of eating it. I also aim to find the Afikoman before the humans (I succeeded, Seder of 2015)!

Yom Ha’atzmaut is also great because I love the non-stop BBQ’ing and celebrating my homeland’s independence.

Allie: What is your spirit animal?

Lilush: My spirit animal is most definitely a unicorn! Got to love their unique qualities, rainbow, and sparkle.

Want to nominate your awesome doggy (or cat!) to be featured? Email Sarah Brennan and let her know.


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