Israel’s 70th Birthday Playlist

by Mollie Sharfman, GatherDC Community Manager / April 18, 2018

Israel’s 70th Birthday Playlist

Hello friends.

I am delighted to be writing about one of my favorite topics – Israeli music!

I recently moved to DC to  join the wonderful GatherDC staff after three years of living in Jerusalem.  

As a young girl, I learned about the founding of the state of Israel, and the amazing history motivated me to move to Israel to experience what it would be like to live there. I spent three years living, learning, and working in Israel at the Shalom Hartman Institute. I made wonderful friends and a created a new surrogate family. The incredible feeling I had while living in Israel can be broken down to this one story: when 100+ college students were about to descend my office in Jerusalem for a week-long learning program, I was immediately stressed out. My colleague turned to me and said, “what is there to worry about – we are family! We are all in this together!”

This Thursday marks Yom Haatzmaut – Israel Independence Day.

This is an especially significant year because Israel is 70 years old! 70 in the Torah is when one is considered an “elder.”  70 years ago on this day (5th of Iyar in the Hebrew calendar), the Provisional Government read and signed the Declaration of Independence – now called the “Independence Hall” in Tel Aviv.  If you’ve traveled to Israel on Birthright – or most other organized trips – this is usually one of the first stops on the tour.

David Ben-Gurion and the Provisional Government Reading the signed Declaration of Independence, May 14th 1948

A few months earlier, on November 29th, 1947, the UN General Assembly voted in favor to create a Jewish State in the British Mandate of Palestine. 33 Voted in Favor, 13 Voted against, and 10 abstained. Here is footage of the vote.

Learning about these incredible moments of Israeli history is part of what motivated me to move to Israel and experience what it was like to live there. I spent three years living, learning, and working in Israel. I made wonderful friends and a created a new surrogate family.

After moving back to the United States (and starting work at GatherDC), people have asked me “what do you miss the most about Israel?” My immediate answer is always the Machane Yehuda Shuk – the market in Jerusalem. Why? In the morning, it looks like a typical market with beautiful fruits and vegetables – and there are lots of negotiations on how much things are. But, at night, it becomes the #1 nightlife spot for young Jerusalem-ites and tourists.

Machane Yehuda Market by Day

Machane Yehuda By Night

To mark the occasion of Israel’s 70th birthday, I have created a playlist with lots of fun music to help you imagine yourself dancing to the beat amidst a sea of thousands of people our age in the narrow streets in Machane Yehuda Shuk. Time to, literally, turn it up!

Israel’s 70th Birthday Playlist!






About the Author: Mollie Sharfman, GatherDC Community Manager

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