5 People to Meet at Falafel Frenzy this Christmas Eve

by Hilary Adelberg, The Jewish Federation of Greater Washington / December 20, 2017

 That person you lost touch with from a previous Jewish life.


Hebrew school, Jewish summer camp, youth group, an Israel trip; someone from “a lifetime ago” will most likely be there. You’re bound to run into at least one blast from the past—whether you recognize them or not is another question.


The party-goer who is only there for the drink specials.


It seems that every time you look at the bar, this person is getting another drink. But hey, can you blame them for wanting to take advantage of those fabulous drink specials? Whether or not you choose to drink, you can say “L’chaim” and have a ton of fun.


That guy who is totally owning the dance floor.


This person is leaving it all on the dance floor. They came to throw their cares away and party like it’s 5759 (or 1999)! Word of advice: don’t get too close to the line of fire.


The person who genuinely came to support a good cause.


They’re here to do good and they are loving every minute of this mitzvah (good deed)! Say hello to your fellow ‘do gooder” and give them a high-five, because 100% of your ticket proceeds go to The Jewish Federation of Greater Washington’s continued efforts to build a stronger Jewish future around the world.


The networking guru who’s never without an ample amount of business cards


You can find the networking aficionado by the trail of business cards left on the floor by all of his new “friends”. This person is worth meeting because they have the insider scoop on all the best Jewish gatherings in DC.


In sum, go to Falafel Frenzy because it’ll be an awesome night filled with innumerable next-day brunch stories.

Register today at shalomdc.org/falafelfrenzy to get a free drink ticket!


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