Meet Daniel: Jewish Outdoorsman of the Week!

by Allison Friedman / October 11, 2017

Michigan-native Daniel Wasserman loves everything fall: pumpkin-y drinks, s’mores around the bonfire, hot apple cider, wool socks, camping, and Curb Your Enthusiasm (but we promise he’s far from basic!). If you’re a self-proclaimed #notbasic fall fan too, we suggest you get to know him.

Allie: What are your favorite outdoor activities in the fall?

Daniel: Few things in my life compare to a fall camping trip. The crisp air, the fall foliage, wearing your favorite flannel or fleece, and most importantly… hiking without sweating too much. Of course I appreciate any chance to sit around a campfire, but there’s something special about cozying up to the warmth from a fire on a cool night. Throw in some close friends, a guitar, and a pot of hot whiskey-cider – and I don’t know if there’s anything else I could ask for.

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Allie: What’s this I hear about a Jewish Camping Weekend in Shenandoah?

Daniel: Yeah! All that fall camping magic I just talked about, I want YOU to experience it with me in Shenandoah National Park, November 3 – 5. I’ve gotten to know GatherDC’s Rabbi Aaron Potek well, and Aaron is also big into camping. One evening, Aaron, Mark Nathanson (maybe a future Jewish Outdoorsman of the Week, wink wink…), and I were talking about going camping ourselves, but that conversation quickly spiraled into, “What if we made this into something more official and invited more people to join us?”

We’re lucky to have a place like Shenandoah in our backyard, so it all came together perfectly. We’ll be doing all the typical camping activities—sleeping in tents, hiking, making a bonfire, drinking, etc.—but we’ll also be having deep meaningful conversations, which might be my favorite part of any camping trip! There’s something about being in nature that just strips us down to our core and brings out the best in us, so channeling that into conversations around Judaism, spirituality, and more should lead to some pretty incredible, intimate dialogue. Along the way, we hope that you’ll meet some new people and come away with friends to go on future camping trips with.

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Allie: What was your first experience with GatherDC?

Daniel: I signed up for the first Beyond the Tent retreat in the summer of 2016 without knowing anyone or anything about GatherDC. I can confidently say it was the best decision I’ve made since moving here. Not only did the experience introduce me to some of my closest friends, but it also challenged—and reshaped—the way I think of myself as a Jew. Since then, I’ve continued learning regularly with Rabbi Aaron and had the chance to facilitate the third iteration of Beyond the Tent this past summer

Allie: What is your favorite fall food?

Daniel: When it comes to fall, I’m about as basic as it gets. I just want to eat something pumpkin-y and drink something pumpkin-y, while wearing wool socks and a Patagonia fleece OR jacket. So far, the DC weather hasn’t been cooperating as much as I’d like, but if you’ve seen me around town lately, you’d know I’m still doing my part to usher in the fall spirit.

Above all, though, I really miss quality apple cider—not the kind you buy in grocery stores around here. You can find some decent cider at Eastern Market, but nothing compares to the stuff they have back in Michigan where I’m from (shout out to the cider slushies at Franklin Cider Mill).

Allie: If you could spend one full day binge watching any show, what would it be?

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Daniel: I started watching Curb Your Enthusiasm at a young age and have seen every episode at least four times. It would be exaggerating to say that I think about the show every single day of my life, but honestly, at least every other day something will inevitably trigger a Curb reference in my mind (and often aloud to whoever will listen). So to all of DC’s pig parkers, stop and chatters, chat and cutters, and ice cream sample abusers: you’re on notice.

Allie: Complete this sentence: When Jews of DC Gather…

Daniel: they should do it outside, November 3 – 5, in Shenandoah!

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