Jewish Feminist of the Week – Chloe

by Shaina Dorow / August 2, 2017

I met Chloe for coffee a few months back, shortly after she had moved to DC. She was super passionate about getting involved in international policy, specifically Israel-based work. She and I would see each other around occasionally until I randomly saw her working at a store in Adams Morgan. We started talking, and I found out that she had actually landed a job there. Learn more about her in this week’s interview below!

Shaina: What’s the story of the unique retail store that you work at in DC?

Chloe: I work at The Outrage in Adams Morgan. Our goal is to stop the patriarchy, change the system and start a conversation with expression through fashion. The Outrage sells mission-forward apparel as a way to connect with others who support equality and want to smash limits, stereotypes, and barriers. We are located in Adams Morgan, right near all the bars on 18th Street.  We actually started as an online business last fall, and our CEO Rebecca Funk decided to open a pop-up shop right before the Women’s March in January. We didn’t realize how successful itwould be – lines to get into the store were over 2 hours long…and even actress Sophia Bush stopped by to shop! The pop-up shop has now been converted to a real store, and we still continue to do e-commerce as well.

Shaina: What excites you about the opportunity to work there?

Chloe: One of my favorite parts about working there is being able to raise money for human rights organizations. Also, we recently collaborated with Teen Vogue journalist Lauren Duca to create the “Thigh High politics” tank.  Last December, Tucker Carlson told her live on the air that she wasn’t qualified to write about politics, and that she “should stick to thigh high boots.” The week we released the shirt, we had so many sales that we raised $10,000 for Planned Parenthood.

Shaina: Have you gotten to design your own clothes since starting there?

Chloe: Actually yes, which is something I never imagined doing! I came up with idea for our newest collection, “The Flower of Life” (see left). It is basically an ancient symbol that represented the fertility goddess in ancient Greece, the womb of the cosmic mother of the universe Ma’at in ancient Egypt, and is the root element for the Flower of Life in Jewish Kabbalah. I thought it not only looked cool, but would make a great symbol of female power to empower modern women.

Shaina: What’s the best part about working in retail?

Chloe: That I get to wear crop tops to work! Just kidding. Probably that I am able to have an outlet for my creativity at work. I’ve always had interest in comedy writing as a hobby, and it’s cool to be able use that interest to write sassy copy for our websiteand social media posts.

Shaina: When’s the best time to come check out the store?

Chloe: Anytime! Come say hello, we are open everyday of the week from 10am-8pm. A fun time to stop by could be before going to happy hour after work. Word on the street is the next GatherDC happy hour is right across the street from The Outrage at Adam’s Morgan hang out Mellow Mushroom.

Shaina: Complete the sentence: When the Jews of DC Gather…

Chloe: We share ideas and gain new perspectives! Preferably over a glass of nice kosher wine 😉

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