Spotted in Jewish DC – Poppy’s Stuffed Bagel Holes

by Shaina Dorow / June 28, 2017

This week on #SpottedInJewishDC: we talked to Grant of Poppy’s Stuffed Bagel Holes. They’re a new, exciting kind of bagel that come in many flavors. Yes, they’re a lot like donut holes. Yes, you should try them. They’re in many different locations all around DC. Go get them yourself!

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Shaina:  How did you come up with this idea?

Grant:  I was working at Ted’s Bulletin, and someone called a Donut Hole a d-hole and so I said, “You’re a b-hole.” Then I looked at that person and smirked and said, “bagel hole.” That then turned into a year of research and developing the product. My girlfriend at the time, Julia Greenberger, then became the best business partner ever–and we started the company. The product over the last year has continuously improved, to the point that we now believe we provide the best bagel and bagel experience in the world!

Since my epiphany of B-Holes, we have rebranded to our new company brand Poppy’s Stuffed Bagel Holes. Even though

 I loved people’s reactions to the name B-Holes, it became apparent that some people were turned off by the name. I just want people to try my food, and this new name helps bring my product into more people’s mouths. I named it after my Grandpa because he was the one who taught me to bake and the one who always gave me the itch to start my own business.

Shaina: Is there a flavor you like the best?

Grant: The Original. It is the everything bagel that I love, filled with a robust–but simple– cream cheese. I don’t normally like cream cheese, but I love our cream cheese.

Shaina: My mouth is watering.  When’s the best time to pick them up?

Grant: We are at Petworth Market on Saturday mornings and have a great pop up on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at Prego Again.   They are $2 for one, 6 for $10, or $20 for a dozen.

As a special to GatherDC readers, stop by our Prego Again stand and say you read this article to get your first bagel hole free.  Tell them Grant sent you!

We sell at some retail partners too…We are continuously adding to the list!

Also, we urge people to follow us on social media, as we are going to start shipping nationally shortly.

Shaina: How do you connect to being Jewish in DC??

I’ve been Jewish all my life, and I have continually found it a very important part of my life. I have found a great niche of friends to participate in the High Holidays with. I have not gotten involved with a temple, but I am a member of the DCJCC fitness club. However, like temple, I have rarely gone–because fitness is hard and I’m tired.