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Margaret has just about the coolest job a millennial could have. She is also the coolest friend anyone could have. Whether she’s eating food, taking pictures, or doing both at the same time, she’s one of those people you definitely want to meet! See here Instagram here; it’s pretty on point.    

Shaina: So tell me about what you do for a living. I’ve heard it is drool-worthy!

I’m a Photographer and Social Media Producer for Richard Sandoval Restaurants, covering all their east coast, independentlyrun locations. This means I’m creating the marketing strategy and executing it end-to-end!

Every day for me is different – you’ll usually find me photographing, photoshopping Pokémon memes for El Centro, or building out our next content calendar. I also work closely with all General Managers and can be found running between all the restaurants in DC, or traveling to New York City to visit our locations there. If you like food puns, you can’t beet mine!

Shaina: What’s the best part of your job?

Getting to photograph, eat, and meet new people means every day is different and new. I love everything I do and the people I work with – both at work and in the Washington D.C. food industry. Being able tophotograph and eat beautiful food is a truly magical thing.

Shaina: What is the coolest thing that you’ve photographed?

The La Bomba (see below) at Toro Toro – it’s a can’t miss dessert experience. I have dreams about eating it.

Shaina: What is your favorite thing to do in DC?

I love to walk! I just moved here a few months ago, so I still feel there is so much to see. I can usually be found either at Tryst grabbing lavender hot chocolate or in Georgetown wandering the waterfront.

Shaina: Sounds like you see a lot of cool food.  What’s your favorite place to go out to dinner in DC?

I’m incredibly biased, but I love the restaurants I work for! So, Masa 14, El Centro D.F., and Toro Toro are at the top of my list! When I’m not eating there, I live at Glen’s Garden Market in Dupont. The Chicken Melt is bae.

Shaina: What’s your favorite Jewish food?

When I’m not just eating challah… Matzo Ball soup.

Shaina: Complete the sentence: When Jews of DC Gather…

Margaret: We laugh, and we eat! It is rad to have a group of people you can immediately jump into the middle of and fit in with. I love having a second home and family to join!

Wait for it 🌺💣

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