Shavuot Guide 2017/5777

by GatherDC Staff / May 17, 2017

Also known as “Feast of the Weeks,” you may know Shavuot as “The Holiday Where We Eat Cheesecake.”

Not only does the holiday, which begins the evening of May 30th and ends the evening of June 1st, have several names, it also celebrates more than one religious observance. Shavuot both celebrates the early summer’s grain harvest (in Israel) and also G-d giving the Torah on Mount Sinai to the Jewish people. It has become customary to eat dairy and study, debate and analyze Torah late into the night. This is called a Tikkun Leil Shavuot. In recent years, many Jews have started to reimagine Shavuot…engaging not only with traditional Torah texts, but also with more contemporary texts and art.

However you decide to mark the holiday, we’ve got your guide for doing it in DC!


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May 22nd

THE TEN – Jews and Muslims in America: Political Challenges and Moral Opportunities

May 24th

Shavuot: It’s Complicated

May 25th

What They Saw at Sinai at Sixth & I

May 30th

Shavuot @ Adas Israel: Recreating the Space Between Heaven and Earth

Shavuot with Tikkun Leil Shabbat and Bet Mishpachah

Shavuot Part I: Dessert Oneg and All-Night Learning with Chabad

May 31st

Shavuot Part II: 10 Commandments and Dairy Buffet at Chabad

June 7th

The Unkosher Comedy Tour: Up All Night

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