Operation: Afikomen Scavenger Hunt with EntryPointDC

by GatherDC Staff / April 5, 2017

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by Stacy Miller, EntryPointDC

Your mission: Rid the city of chametz before Passover begins, and find the Afikomen


Who ya gonna call?

No…your friends, that cute guy from your yoga class, your kickball crew…

But how, you might ask, are you going to convince them to become crumb crime fighters and join your team for the hunt?

Send them this message that will self destruct in 5 seconds (or use invisible ink, both are Jewish mother approved).

Dear Awesome Person in my Life,

You should join my team because:

  1. You can frolic and explore the city on a sunny day while stopping at the bar for your last beer before it’s Seder time.
  2. You get to annoy DC tourists as much as they annoy you when you ask them to take pictures with our team.
  3. You may get to meet Elijah.
  4. You can give us cool secret code names and throw off the other teams while shouting the wrong answers to Passover plague riddles.
  5. You can win prizes and drink tickets, and you don’t have to cross the Red Sea to do so.

*Afikomen Scavenger Hunt with EntryPointDC*

Report to: Kogod Courtyard at the National Portrait Gallery

Sunday, April 9 at 1:45 PM to form your team

Hunt: 2:00-4:00 pm

After-party/winners announced at Buffalo Billiards

Tickets: $10 -pre-register, $12 at the door