Introducing our Newest Addition: Innovator’s Advisory Network!

by GatherDC Staff / April 3, 2017

We’ve got big news! No, we’re not changing our name again. ​GatherDC is ​creating an Innovator’s Advisory Network and we want you to apply to be part of it.​

What is an “Innovator’s Advisory Network” you ask? It’s a group of people (possibly including you!) who will engage in dynamic conversations and give strategic guidance about our broader Jewish community and GatherDC’s role with​in it.

Why Should I Join This Network​?

  • GET CONNECTED with other impressive 20/30 somethings in DC who are accomplished, creative and share ​common interests.

  • GAIN EXPERIENCE with the ​lean, ​non-profit start-up culture. There is no organization like GatherDC in the country. You will gain insight​s​ into the running of a non-profit that serves the local community with new approaches​.

  • STAY INFORMED with the strategic direction of GatherDC and help lead that direction.

What Will I Do As A Part Of This Network?

  • RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT – You’ll help research and develop new ideas, approaches and services based on existing and emerging community needs, demographic information and trends.
  • BRAND AMBASSADOR – You will promote GatherDC to broader audiences through one-on-one conversations, public brand affiliation, and engagement with social media. (We’ll give you some pretty awesome free swag, too​.​)

  • RESOURCE EXPANSION – Become thought partners and connectors to help GatherDC acquire new resources. You can also help foster organizational partnerships with local businesses and venues.

What You’d Agree To:

  • One year commitment with option for re-application

  • Minimum contribution of $18 a month (total of $216 per year)

  • 6 bi-monthly meetings beginning in May

  • 3 social ​Innovator’s Network events

I’m In! What Next?:
  • APPLY NOW.​ Applications ​will be ​accepted through April 21st. There are limited spots. If you have any questions or would like to speak further, please email