Learn How to Make Passover Fun!

by Aaron Potek / March 15, 2017

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Why did the Jews cross the Red Sea?

To get to the other side.

I wrote that joke, and if you want to write hilarious jokes like that… too bad. You can’t teach that kind of humor. (The hilarious kind.)

But, you can teach someone how to make their Passover seder meaningful – and even fun.

Join me for a Seder Bootcamp on Tuesday, March 28. In just two hours, we’ll explore the structure of the seder, reflect on the major themes of Passover, relate those themes to relevant conversation topics, and role-play different facilitation techniques.

You’ll leave with the tools you need to engage your friends and family in a deeper conversation that doesn’t involve going around in a circle and reciting full paragraphs in monotone. Unless that’s your thing.

Food and drinks will be provided.
From 6:30pm – 8:30pm at Madhatter in the Wonderland Room (1319 Connecticut Ave NW)
No cost, and no prior knowledge necessary. Just register ahead of time!

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