Mitzvah Maker – Dreidel Man

by Gather the Jews Staff / December 5, 2012

Dreidel Man is a perennial favorite at the National Menorah Lighting organized by the American Friends of Lubavitch.  Two years ago Dreidel Man agreed to sit for an interview with GTJ, and has graciously agreed to do so again.  In an exclusive interview with GTJ, we get to the root of the question “Who is Dreidel Man?”

Aaron: What brings you to DC?
Dreidel Man: The Lighting Ceremony of the National Menorah.

Aaron: Tell us more about the Menorah Lighting.
Dreidel Man: It’s the greatest Chanukah event, bringing together a huge crowd with many (tens of) millions viewing on TV and through the media.

Aaron: Who will be there?
Dreidel Man: Dignitaries, communal leaders, the United State Navy Band, winners of the National Menorah Essay Contest, and.. ME!

Aaron: How can we attend?
Dreidel Man: Go to and get tickets.  They’re free, but you’ll need them to enter.

Aaron: How many times have you spun in a row?
Dreidel Man: Seventeen times, but I got dizzy so I had to take a rest.

Aaron: What is your favorite letter to land on?
Dreidel Man: Gimmel!

Aaron: Is there a cousin in Israel with different letters?
Dreidel Man: Yes, Pay. We exchange emails every once in a while.

Aaron: Got any high profile rollers that you like to spin with?
Dreidel Man: Yes.  Aaron Wolff from Gather the Jews (Aaron blushing) and all the VIPs at the event.

Aaron: If you could spin with any Jew, who would it be?
Dreidel Man: Whoever is reading this interview right now!

Aaron: What does being Jewish mean to you?
Dreidel Man: Being a carrier of a rich heritage and tradition, and a conveyor of the powerful and eternal message of Chanukah.

Aaron: What is great about spinning in DC?
Dreidel Man: I get to feel like the lobbyists and politicians, because they’re also always spinning.