Kosher — A Diet For The Soul

Will Gotkin Kosher — A Diet For The Soul June 22, 2010 In English, the word kosher (derived from the word kashrut) literally means ‘fit.’ In contemporary American society many of us are focused on physical fitness. Perhaps more than ever before, people are encouraged to watch what they eat, exercise, and keep their bodies […]

Visting History

We had visited the historic Declaration hall where on May 14, 1948 David Ben Gurion announced the state of Israel. The room was smaller than imagined, but you could sense the thickness of history like a molasses that wafted in the air. The bust of Ben Gurion simply shows how big this man’s vision as […]

Jewish Guy - Eddie

Jewish Guy – Eddie

If you were the eighth dwarf, what would your name be and why? Worldly. I love to travel and I enjoy exploring new places locally and internationally. My last trip was to Armenia which was amazing – it’s a beautiful country with an extremely rich history. What do you miss most about California? The beach […]

Hot N Cold

Stephen Richer Hot N Cold Chukat Numbers 19:1 – 22:1 June 18, 2010 “Fame’s A Fickle Friend.” I first heard this maxim from Professor Lockhart of Harry Potter, a character so hopelessly inane and pompous that I discredited everything he said. Fortunately, this wasn’t my last chance to learn the lesson. In addition to appearing […]

Links of the Week

Jewish artists in Falls Church say talent helped them survive the Holocaust They met at a Shabbat potluck… The New Jew in Hiphop Jewish Soccer Players in the World Cup and in case you missed it- Who’s Afraid of Elie Wiesel?

The Pitfalls of Pursuing Peace

Ayin Tove The Pitfalls of Pursuing Peace June 17, 2010 Hillel says something very puzzling in Avot: “Be from the students of Aaron, love peace and pursue peace, love creatures [people] and bring them close to torah.” Avot 1:12. This is problematic because Aaron literally committed idolatry in being a peacemaker. He forms the golden […]

Tales of a D.C. intern

Jodi Tirengel Tales of a D.C. Intern June 16, 2010 The secret about most workplaces in D.C. is that not long ago, many of the employees in the big corner offices were sitting in the intern cubicles. They were copying, shredding, getting the boss coffee with double espresso shots, and being referred to by co-workers […]

Proud Lion

Joshua Kaller Proud Lion June 15, 2010 Maimed Angel-Lion, whose ascension has ended. Your roar settled and succumb, resting in the gilded tomb of your heart. There the messiah quake sleeps ready to wake, and when it does you shall burst And circle the sky, undulating your heavy wing of justice, Creating a tornado of […]

Tying Up Some Loose Ends

Stephen Richer Tying Up Some Loose Ends June 15, 2010 I’m a Torah portion behind, but before I get to this, there’s a few loose ends in previous portions that I want to tie up.  I’m not going to provide too much of the context, but hopefully they make sense when referencing my past posts […]

Diet Coke Cake

Jill Aronovitz Diet Coke Cake June 15, 2010 No one believes me that two ingredients can make a cake, let alone a delicious one! I first learned of diet coke cake from my roommates during my sophomore year of college. I didn’t believe them until I made one myself. Not only is it the easiest […]

A Spring of Strength

Ayin Tove A Spring of Strength June 9, 2010 We began our Talmud study with the idea that a person who studies torah for its own sake is like a spring that increases in strength. Avot 6:1. The strength of the spring increases from its own force (The Hebrew verb plays on this reflexive concept). […]

Jewish Guy - Moshe

Jewish Guy – Moshe

If you could have had the starring role in one film already made, which movie would you pick? (Would it maybe have your clone Freddie Prinze, Jr. in it?) This is a tough question, but I would probably have to go with a childhood favorite. I would be Bernie from Weekend at Bernie’s II. You […]

Roasted Curry Chicken

Jill Aronovitz Roasted Curry Chicken June 8, 2010 By mid-week I usually start thinking of what food I’ll make for Shabbat. On a normal week, I’ll plan an entire menu with at least three side dishes. This Shabbos was different. I didn’t expect any guests; I was just cooking for family, so I didn’t fuss […]