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Israel’s 70th Birthday Playlist

Israel’s 70th Birthday Playlist Hello friends. I am delighted to be writing about one of my favorite topics – Israeli music! I recently moved to DC to  join the wonderful GatherDC staff after three years of living in Jerusalem.   As a young girl, I learned about the founding of the state of Israel, and […]

Mini Gatherings Spring 2018: New to DC

Want to meet other interesting Jews in a smaller, more personal setting? Looking to explore questions that matter to Jewish 20s and 30s? Like drinking? Afraid of commitment? GatherDC is excited to open applications for the 12th round of Mini Gatherings. We are looking for Jews in their early 20s who have just moved to […]

Memorial Day Weekend Plan: Camp Nai Nai Nai

This Memorial Day weekend, why not trade in your BBQ for a full weekend adventure at Camp Nai Nai Nai, the ultimate Jewish summer camp with a big twist- it’s for ADULTS!  At camp, what you do for a living doesn’t define you, and spontaneous adventures await around every corner! Run in the mud, dance […]

Your Guide to DC’s Hottest New Restaurant – Wawa

You heard it here first. The hottest, most in-demand, high quality restaurant has recently opened its shining metal doors to DC’s public. It’s fast, yet doesn’t feel rushed. It’s casual, yet sophisticated. It’s delicious, and boasts $1 coffee. You’re probably thinking, what glorious eatery could encompass everything you could ever want in a food establishment? […]

Meet the Israeli Bringing His Culture to DC

Meet Tzachi Levy. He is a Sabra through and through. (Sabra refers to a Jewish person born anywhere in Israel.) He can trace his roots in Israel back 13 generations, and has lived on several kibbutzim. He loves Israel so much that he has devoted his career to sharing his appreciation of Israel–the history, the […]

Spotted in Jewish DC: Sip City

A few weeks ago, I celebrated Shabbat with a yoga mat, a vegan rice bowl, and a tall glass of switchel. This Friday night experience was nourished by OneTable, and hosted by GatherDC’s very own blogger – Judith Rontal! It was, in a word, “namastastic”. (Yes, that’s a word I just made up.) One of […]

Meet Eric: Jewish Board Gamer of the Week

Want to nominate your amazing Jewish friend to be featured on GatherDC? Send his/her name, brief blurb, and contact info to info@gatherdc.org. Meet Eric: A mensch who hosts game night Shabbats, enjoys Latino Disney movies, and dreams of celebrating Passover “next year in Barcelona”. Side note: Eric is also helping plan the Jewish People of […]

The Washington Post Takes Anti-Semitism Mainstream

If you aren’t Jewish, then don’t date Jewish men, is what The Washington Post’s recent piece called “I am tired of being a Jewish man’s rebellion” insinuates. Author Carey Purcell’s incomprehensible conclusion surrounding her failed dating experiences takes Jew-bashing tropes mainstream. Particularly, in a time of rising anti-Semitism, when DC Councilman Trayon White said that the […]