Alex Fosco

Community Coordinator

As GatherDC’s Community Coordinator, Alex strives to bring humor and fun into the daily grind. Alex has a firm belief in the unqiueness and individual value of every person’s Jewish journey. She wants to help them build solid foundations and connections so they can thrive in Jewish DC. Coming from a small Jewish community, she has first-hand experience at how challenging it can be to show up with your whole self and navigate the plethora of options for Jewish engagement in DC. In her role at Gather, Alex is excited to grab coffee with the diverse and vibrant Jews (and Jew-curious) young adults that are new to the area, and help them build meaningful connections.

When she’s not sprinting across the city to meet someone for coffee, you can find her exploring Georgetown, noshing at one of DC’s amazing restaurants, or traipsing through the Virginia wilderness with her friends.

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