Meet Eric: Jewish Internationalist of the Week

Since he wakes up before sunrise each day without an alarm clock, jet lag is no match for this fitness-loving, world traveler. Also, he’s a social media rebel who prefers podcasts to television.

Meet Eric Krasnow in our 1:1 interview!


Allie: What brought you to DC?

Eric: I’m from Boston originally, but spent two years living and working in Buenos Aires, Argentina after graduating from college in 2015. I wanted to stay involved in that region but be closer to home (and my mom’s cooking!), and found the perfect solution – a position covering Latin American investments at the International Finance Corporation (IFC), the private sector arm of The World Bank.

Allie: What do you do at IFC?

Eric: The mission of the IFC is to develop a sustainable private sector in emerging markets. The best part of the job is travelling to the countries we are investing in and building relationships with our local partners. I have worked on projects in Latin America and countries around the globe, including Morocco, Ivory Coast, Nigeria and the Philippines.

Allie: You seem like someone who truly embodies wellness. Can you run through an average day in your life to motivate me and our readers?

Eric: I am in bed every night before 9 pm, which lets me wake up without an alarm the next day before 6. Once up, I go for a 5 mile run around Meridian Hill Park, followed by weight training at the gym near my apartment. After a quick shower and breakfast – Israeli style: vegetables, eggs and salmon – I go to work.

In the evening, if I can get out of work early, I will go to a hot yoga class at CorePower; if not, I will walk home listening to podcasts. I don’t have social media or a TV, and rarely go online when home. That makes it easier to go to bed early, and start the routine over the next day.

Allie: How do you stay so disciplined?

Eric: It’s a virtuous cycle. My favorite part of the day is when the sun has not yet risen and I have already hit a new personal record. That is a psychological win. It gives me confidence that I can not only overcome being tired or sore, but also overcome whatever challenges come up during the day. I’ve found that the more disciplined I am with my fitness, the more disciplined I am with work and my emotions.

Allie: Do you have any fitness goals?

Eric: I’m going to run a half marathon in June – the Warrior in Georgetown. I’m training for that now.

Allie: What is your favorite Jewish holiday?

Eric: Sukkot! I just planted a garden on my balcony and am diligently caring for it each day. My goal is to host a Sukkot dinner this fall, with a balcony-to-table salad for the first course.

Allie: I hear you’re co-chairing this year’s AJC Young Diplomats Reception. Tell me about that.

Eric: It’s the signature diplomacy event of AJC ACCESS DC, which is the part of AJC that focuses on developing young Jewish leaders in their communities. The reception brings together Jewish young professionals, Capitol Hill staff, and policy partners with 100 members of DC’s diplomatic community. This year, the cocktail reception will take place on the LINE DC rooftop, with a keynote speech given by AJC CEO David Harris. I encourage all who read this to attend!

Allie: Why did you decide to get involved with AJC?

Eric: Being Jewish is core to my identity, and supporting Israel is core to my Judaism. I’ve always felt deeply tied to Israel and feel like it’s my duty as a Jew to defend Israel in some capacity. Shortly after moving to DC, I attended the AJC Global Forum.

I was immediately drawn to the organization’s comprehensive efforts to combat anti-Semitism, defend Israel’s place in the world, and safeguard democracy and pluralism for all. I became an AJC ACCESS member and am now very excited to co-chair the Young Diplomats Reception.

Allie: When Jews of DC Gather….

Eric: My first experience with Gather was with a fantastic group of young Jewish professionals during a camping trip in Shenandoah: when Jews of DC gather, they do so outdoors!



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