Maharat Ruth Balinsky Friedman

(847) 722-8287

What people call you: Maharat Ruth

What do you love most about your work? I love that my work affords me to the opportunity to meet and engage with people from all backgrounds! As a Maharat, some of my duties include teaching Torah classes, supervising the usage of the Mikvah, offering pastoral services, and teaching Orthodox conversion candidates.

How is Judaism valuable in your life? And/Or What lead you to your decision to become a Rabbi or Clergy member? Growing up as the daughter of a Rabbi, I knew that I wanted to teach others while living within the rich and beautiful traditions of Orthodox Judaism. Yeshivat Maharat afforded me the opportunity to train as a female clergy member and learn many of the necessary skills so that I could be equipped to teach others. I love teaching Torah!

What services do you offer? Weddings and other Lifecycle Events, Group Learning, LGBTQIA Counseling, One on one Learning Opportunities, Conversions, Shabbat Services, Holiday Services, Couples Classes, Young Family opportunities, Adult B’nai Mitzvah, Counseling,