Joseph Skloot

What people call you: Rabbi Joseph

Congregation: Washington Hebrew Congregation

Location: 3935 Macomb St NW, Washington, DC 20016

Denomination: Reform

Ordained from: Hebrew Union College – Jewish Institute of Religion

What do you love most about your work? I love meeting so many creative, thoughtful and inspiring people every day and hearing their stories. I love sharing my love for Judaism with them.

How is Judaism valuable in your life? Judaism is language with its own grammar, syntax and vocabulary and like all languages, it shapes the thoughts, ideas and modes of expression of those who speak it. In this way, I use this language, Judaism, to make sense of the world and my place in it. My decision to become a rabbi was, in part, about curiosity: I wanted to understand this language with greater sophistication and perhaps, thereby, understand myself and the world better too. At the same time, I became a rabbi because I wanted to share my enthusiasm and wonder for for this language with others too.

Programs/Services you run/offerWeddings and other Lifecycle Events, Group Learning, One on one Learning Opportunities, Conversions, Shabbat Services, Holiday Services, Couples Classes, Young Family opportunities, Adult B’nai Mitzvah, Counseling