Fuel for Truth

Fuel-for-Truth (FFT) is a bipartisan organization that aims to strengthen Israel’s image in the US by providing young professionals with the basic facts about the Middle East and the skills necessary to advocate for Israel. FFT’s Boot Camp is an intensive multi-week membership training program that carefully selects volunteers and equips them with the tools they need to effectively advocate for Israel and impact their peers. Participants are Young Professionals in their 20’s and 30’s and reflect a spectrum, from those who know relatively little to those who are well-versed in Israel’s history and challenges, and all can benefit from our unique model, which includes prestigious speakers and social activities.

FFT, run only by volunteers, launched its DC Chapter last year. Through our Boot Camps, we offer DC’s young professionals the opportunity to learn about Israel on a deeper level, to become empowered with the knowledge and tools to be effective pro-Israel advocates and to become a part of building a strong, pro-Israel community in our nation’s Capitol. FFT Boot Camp alumni are encouraged to stay involved with the organization and may have the opportunity to take on leadership roles within FFT-DC.

Contact: Jennifer Dekel