We are here for you

We are absolutely devastated by the coronavirus pandemic that is afflicting our world, and have been feeling all the feelings that this uncertain and frightening time is generating. Unfortunately, none of us at GatherDC are medical professionals, therapists, politicians, or billionaires – nor do we have any additional tips for physical safety that the CDC hasn’t already provided. But, we are listeners, connectors, and community builders and we have a deep love for each and every human across DMV’s Jewish community. We know how challenging it is to be living in quarantine, practicing social distancing, facing financial uncertainty, feeling job anxiety, dealing with health risks and illness, or facing any of the other very real fears this crisis is creating.

To help ease our loneliness and anxiety, and keep us as mentally and physically healthy as we can be during this time – we’ve put together some resources to help us get through this together.

P.S.  Please email us at info@gatherdc.org if you have additions to this guide or just want to chat. We are here for you in whatever way we can be.

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Stay Mentally Healthy

Get Financial and Emotional Support