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The Edlavitch DC Jewish Community Center, in Washington, DC is seeking a highly motivated and passionate individual to join our team as Assistant Director of our year-round, full day Jewish preschool. The Assistant Director will play a crucial role in supporting the overall management and administration of the preschool, ensuring the delivery of high-quality early childhood education fostering a rich learning environment that honors the interests, curiosity and creativity of young children that is rooted in Jewish values and traditions.
Program Development and Administration
• Assist the Director in managing daily operations, scheduling, and parent communication.
• Collaborate with the Director in designing and implementing a developmentally appropriate curriculum infused with Jewish values, traditions, and holidays.
• Support teachers in planning and executing engaging and enriching classroom activities that promote children's cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development.
• Foster a culture of curiosity, critical thinking, and creativity among both children and teachers, emphasizing the importance of process over product in learning.
Staff Management and Development:
• Provide guidance, support, and mentorship to teaching staff, promoting a positive and collaborative work environment.
• Assist in recruiting, hiring, and onboarding new staff members, ensuring alignment with the school's mission and values.
• Conduct regular performance evaluations and professional development sessions to foster continuous growth and excellence among staff members.

Licensing and Accreditation:
• Stay informed about state licensing requirements, regulations, and standards relevant to early childhood education and preschool programs.
• Work closely with the Director and administrative staff to ensure that the preschool meets and maintains compliance with all licensing regulations and accreditation standards.
• Prepare and submit documentation, reports, and applications as required for initial licensing, renewals, and accreditation processes.
• Organize and facilitate training sessions for staff members on topics related to licensing regulations, child safety, mandated reporting, and professional development.

Family and Community Engagement:
• Assist the Director in fostering strong partnerships with parents and families, providing regular communication, support, and resources to enhance their involvement in their child's education and the broader school community.
• Represent the preschool at community events, outreach initiatives, and networking opportunities to promote enrollment and strengthen relationships with stakeholders.
• Bachelor’s degree in early childhood education, Jewish Education, or a related field; Master's degree preferred.
• Minimum of 5 years of experience working in a preschool or educational setting, with a strong background in constructivist pedagogy and Jewish education.
• Knowledge of Jewish culture, traditions, values, and holidays, with a commitment to integrating them into the curriculum in meaningful and developmentally appropriate ways.
• Excellent leadership, communication, and interpersonal skills, with the ability to inspire and motivate teachers, families, and community members.
• Familiarity with constructivist teaching practices, emergent curriculum planning, and documentation of children's learning experiences.
Join us in creating a vibrant and inclusive Jewish educational community where children are empowered to explore, question, and construct their understanding of Jewish identity, values, and culture in meaningful and authentic ways. Apply now to be part of our innovative team

This is a full-time position that will report to the Preschool Director
Salary range: $ $65-$75,000
The Edlavitch DCJCC offers a comprehensive benefits package (health insurance, retirement plan, life insurance and long-term disability) as well as membership and discounts for key JCC programs.
To Apply: Send a resume and cover letter addressed to Lauren Eskovitz at
About the Edlavitch DCJCC: Guided by Jewish values and heritage, the Edlavitch DCJCC engages individuals and families through its cultural, recreational, educational, and social justice programs by welcoming people of all backgrounds to connect, learn, serve, and be entertained together in ways that reflect the unique role of the Center in the nation’s capital.

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