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The ECDC African Community Center in Silver Spring is actively recruiting for an Integrations Program Manager. Our business hours are 9am - 5pm, 4 days in the office and one day remote. This position is full-time. Further details are below:

Ethiopian Community Development Council, Inc.
Silver Spring, MD
Job Position: Integrations Program Manager
Reports to: Senior Program Manager
Status: Full-time/exempt
Location: Silver Spring, MD
Job Summary: The Integrations Program Manager provides program leadership and accountability
through intensive staff management, training, and evaluation; ensuring efficient service provision; and
coordinating and resolving program challenges with other agency managers. The position will manage
the Integrations department; including: Preferred Communities (PC) intensive case management,
extended case management (ECMP), services for older refugees (SOR) and the refugee youth
mentorship program (RYMP). The Position will be responsible for the reporting, and ongoing
compliance of Federal and state contracts related to the programs. The Integrations Program Manager
will ensure that program goals are established, met and reported accurately to agency Director and
ECDC HQ. They will directly supervise staff, providing department procedures and policies, guidance,
training, and accountability for performance. They will work with ACC’s Management team to create
supportive and complementary programming to assist refugees as they integrate into the local
community. Position will actively meet with and coordinate across departments to ensure streamlined
and efficient service provision.
Background: The Integrations Department provides case management and youth mentorship
services to refugees, SIVs, elderly refugees, Asylees, and secondary migrants to help them adapt to a
new culture and integrate into the community by overcoming barriers. The goal of the programs are
to help participants learn how to navigate the health and school systems, access social services, as
well as learn discipline and responsibility in order to achieve economic and personal self- sufficiency.

Key Responsibilities:

Program Management
 Manage entire integration program staff.
 Ensure consistent, timely, and effective communication between program staff and other
departments to ensure efficient workflow and timely services to clients.
 Makes sure all case information is entered correctly in the database.
 Provide intensive support regarding the maintenance of community relationships and
 Collaboratively address program challenges and implement solutions, in coordination
with other managers as needed.
 Attend weekly management meeting and provide program updatesto the management
 Attend network meetings and maintain regular communications with the representatives from
ECDC, state and counties and resolve any issuesthat might arise while delivering the services.
 Report program changes to the director, management team, program staff and all- staff as
 Represent ECDC/ACC DC Metro programs at meetings with partners, funders and other
 Provide back-up support for RP case managers.
 Participate in community outreach to find resources and sources of support for the medical health
needs of community members with escalated health concerns, including mental health issues and
developmentally disabled community members.
 Participate in community-wide activities that promote ACC’s goals.

Programs Financial Management
 Manage the non-personnel sections of program budgets.
 Reviews and authorizes expense fund requests and program expenditures
 Ensures that all transactions comply with ECDC financial policies and procedures.
 Provides data systems training and support to staff and interns.
 Provide supporting document to the finance team as needed.
Programs Staff Management
 Direct management, guidance and coaching of all Integration Case Managers
 Coordinate or provide coverage to the staff during their absence to avoid a vacuum in service
delivery to the client.
 Ensures staff accountability, including:
 Coordinate with agency Director to hire and terminate staff members.
 Address personnel concerns in accordance with ECDC Personnel Practices.
 Create staff training for program areas; provide new staff training on program
goals, best practices, protocols, procedures, policies, and ECDC/ACC DC Metro workflow.
 Coordinate weekly program staff meetings and assist with bi-monthly all-staff meeting.
 Consult with direct service staff on case management strategies for complex cases.
 Hold weekly meetings with staff and report on ongoing service delivery, outcomes and escalate

Programs Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting
 According to the auditing plan, audit all Integration Program files to ensure service
provisionsprovision and documentation quality and compliance.
 Review service documentation in the database

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