Looking For Room and/or Roommate in Northern DMV Area.

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Hello, I'm Ben!
I'm currently looking for either an open room to move into or a potential roommate to search for an apartment to start renting, hopefully sometime in the next three months. I'd like to live in the Northern DMV area (preferably in Maryland), but I am willing to be flexible. In terms of rent, I would be able to pitch in up to $1700 (this includes any additional utility costs). My preference is to keep "kosher style" (as long as the food/ingredients could theoretically be kosher I don't care if they are actually certified as kosher). I tend to be introverted but I would like to live with roommate(s) who I could hang out with. I'm fine with either male or female roommate(s).
Some more quick specifics about me:
I am in my mid-twenties.
I am a huge nerd and a voracious reader.
I currently work from home as a Data Analyst/Software Engineer.
I love to play tabletop games.
I am a quiet and fairly respectful roommate.
If you think I would be a good fit as a roommate, please contact me.

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