Summer Camp Adaptive Recreation Specialist

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Provide support and consultation for the inclusion of campers with disabilities into camp activities. Work with other camp specialists to adapt activities and work with camp staff to facilitate greater inclusion.

Essential Functions of the Position:
Plan and implement a training curriculum for other specialists during orientation week to help them plan and adapt activities to be inclusive of all campers.
Work with Aquatics Director and Swim Staff during orientation week to provide guidance on accommodating campers with disabilities in instructional swim lessons.
Work with Program Director to plan and implement camp-wide special events and activities to ensure that special events are accessible to all campers.
Work directly with other specialists on a day-to-day basis to ensure that all activities are inclusive and to provide strategies for adaptation and accommodation as needed.
Work directly with all Camp JCC staff to provide guidance and assistance with adapting activities and accommodating individual campers.
Provide in-water support when necessary to swim instructors and counselors.
Substitute for absent Counselors as needed and requested.
Clean equipment between uses. Take part in the daily clean-up of the program area, including putting all toys and equipment away.
Continuously evaluate current programs and make suggestions for the following season.
Comply with and participate in the County, State and American Camp Association requirements.
Recognize, respond and report to Leadership Team any environmental and/or other hazards related to the activity or the program.
Attend all required orientation meetings, staff meetings and trainings.
Prepare and present agenda items at weekly staff meetings as needed.
Demonstrate sensitivity to the needs of campers served.
Attend, supervise and assist staff for special events, orientation sessions, late stays, staff meetings, overnights, trips, and any other activities.
Perform other duties and responsibilities as needed, required, or assigned.

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