JEWISH WOMEN--- Earn $9,000 with the Gift of Egg Donation

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A Jewish Blessing, LLC* was founded as a compassionate response to infertile Jewish families worldwide who desperately need help finding qualified and extraordinary young Jewish women who have a generous spirit and the desire to give them the gift of life through Egg Donation.

Participation as an egg donor involves:
· Time
· Reliability
· Honesty
· Dedication

Benefits of Participating as an Egg Donor Include:
· First Time Donors Earn $9,000/Repeat & Proven Successful Donors Can Earn $10,000+ per donation
· Travel Opportunities or Stay Local- All Expenses Paid
· Genetic Carrier Screening Testing Results
· Flexibility to Continue Working or Attending School While Helping a Family in Need
· Receive Valuable Information About Your Own Fertility
· Most Importantly, the deep satisfaction and joy experienced by knowing that you have altered the lives of others in such a meaningful way.

Initial Egg Donor Qualifications are:
· Be a female between the age of 20 and 32
· Have Jewish ethnic heritage on Mother’s and/or Father’s side of their family
· Body Mass Index (BMI) must be less than 30
· Be in good health and follow a healthy lifestyle
· Be a non-smoker


* A Jewish Blessing, LLC (AJB) is a nurse run organization and is a member of SART/ASRM (Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology/American Society for Reproductive Medicine) and follow their ethical guidelines for egg donation. To learn more about AJB, please visit our website.

Considering these challenging times, please stay safe!

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