Mid-Atlantic Community Manager

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Mid-Atlantic Community Manager
Full-Time – Washington, DC
Starting Salary Range: $48,000 – $50,000

Who We Are:
The first time you walk into a Moishe (pronounced moy-shuh) House a friendly resident greets you at the door. They take your coat, usher you into the living room and introduce you to a group of folks chatting about their weekends. You can hear the housemates in the kitchen, putting the finishing touches on the meal they’ve made for their community. A few guests are setting the table, and a housemate introduces themselves and offers you a beverage. You see the wall of photos from past events filled with other young people who, like you, are happy to be in a place where they belong, looking to meet new people, and excited you took a chance and showed up.

Moishe House empowers young adults to create their own dream Jewish communities. Moishe Houses are led by a group of volunteer community builders who open their doors to all twenty-somethings to create spaces of connection, new friends, and engaging programs, at no cost to the participant. A Moishe House experience (e.g. a Passover seder, arts and crafts night, dance party) will look different in a Moishe House in Philadelphia and a Moishe House in Prague because the food, atmosphere, rituals, and location are determined by the residents.

Moishe House was founded in the East Bay, California in 2006 and now reaches over 65,000 young people annually in more than 25 countries through its growing network of houses and immersive experiences. The Moishe House team works together through deep collaboration, investing in relationships, and hard work.

Moishe House is searching for a Community Manager in the Mid-Atlantic region to empower people to be leaders and to coach groups of residents to create interesting, meaningful, welcoming experiences to best serve the young adults Jewish community in the city. Moishe House seeks employees from diverse backgrounds and life experiences to join our team

Who you are:
You believe in the Moishe House mission.
You bring creativity, business-sense, innovation, and hard work to our team.
You have a passion for serving others and tracking successes, place high value in being part of a strong team, and want to be part of a dynamic, inspirational organization.
You demonstrate leadership and find joy and meaning in helping others establish a Jewish community on their own terms, embrace the numerous avenues through which a person can be Jewish, and think entrepreneurially about challenges.
A Day in the Life:

The Community Manager is a full-time member of the Resident Support team. This unique position provides oversight for 10+ Houses with 35+ community builders, to guide and coach them as they build Jewish community. We are seeking a team player who will have responsibility for:

Developing strategies for each Moishe House to create meaningful, well attended experiences and strong communities that best serve the young Jewish adult population in their city, by setting and achieving goals with residents, celebrating successes, problem-solving, and creating and maintaining meaningful relationships with community members and local partners. (30%)
Developing individual relationships with Moishe House residents through remote interactions and site visits, creating personal resident goals, mentoring and coaching, and facilitating skills development. (40%)
Completing administrative tasks that keep the residents, programs, and department functioning. (10%)
Participating in and leading special projects based on need, expertise, and interest, such as recruiting new residents, creating new Moishe Houses, facilitating sessions at conferences or retreats, and building expertise of young adult activity in your region (20%)
Why You? ~ Because You Bring:

A Bachelor’s degree (additional 4 years of full-time relevant experience may be substituted for the degree).
Minimum of 2 years full-time professional experience, preferably in community building and program planning.
Demonstrated strong written and verbal communication and presentation skills.
Demonstrated ability to be organized, proactive, deliver results, and work independently and as part of a team.
Measurable experience in leading groups of people toward sustained success.
Enthusiasm for strategizing and collaborating with the team, including remote team members.
Strong work ethic and a sense of humor.
Demonstrated ability to take risks and learn from situations when things don’t turn out as planned.
Excitement to travel within the region, up to several times per month.
Ability to multitask and monitor several projects at all times, to work well under pressure, and to manage time effectively.
Effective demonstration of the Moishe Mindset: Be the Difference, Connect & Listen, Invest Wisely, Embrace the Unknown, Own It!, Value People, and Work Well, Live Well, and Have Fun!
Direct Moishe House experience (as staff, resident, host and/or community member) preferred.

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