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Program Director, Democracy Collaborative, ReThink Media
There is no doubt that 2020 is going to be a pivotal year for American democracy. Beyond that, other key questions are at stake that will define our country for years to come:

Will Big Money alone dominate the election, or will grassroots reforms pave the way for greater participation and a more truly representative democracy?
Will America’s courts make progress toward independence, or will special interests wield disproportionate power?
Will all Americans continue to have equal access to the ballot, or will voter purges, restrictions, and poll closures shut people out from exercising their rights?
Will policies that willfully discriminate against poor people and communities of color prevail, or will we make progress in living up to our democratic ideals?
With these questions at the heart of our work, ReThink Media seeks a passionate and seasoned advocate to lead our Democracy program – supervising four communications professionals, working alongside our outstanding Media and Opinion Analysis team, and drawing upon the media skills and extensive connections of our full staff.

By the end of 2020, the successful candidate will have presented media skills training workshops with key state and national organizations, built a network of organizational contacts, driven sector-wide strategic communications, and led their team in high performance media engagement.

But we are in it for the long haul and the right Program Director will have their eye on the path from here to 2024 and will have an abiding commitment to building a genuinely inclusive democracy reflecting the full diversity of America and a vision of social justice.

ReThink is a unique, nonprofit organization that strengthens movements by building the collaborative media and communications capacity of state and national advocacy groups, increasing the voice share of their spokespeople, experts, and allies, and providing in-depth media, messaging, and opinion research to inform movement strategy. We focus on long-term engagement with the groups we work with and the issues we take on ­– all driven by a belief that the stronger the groups are across an issue sector and the tighter their collaboration, the more likely they are to win real and lasting policy victories. At present, ReThink works in three distinct, yet interconnected, issue areas: the protection of human and civil rights, strengthening our democracy, and for a more constructive U.S. foreign and national security policy.

Our Democracy team works with leading state and national organizations to build a more inclusive, representative, and reflective democracy. We provide money-in-politics, fair courts, and voting rights groups and their campaigns with ongoing training and capacity-building in critical media skills, direct rapid response and media relations support, strategic messaging guidance, assistance with op-ed and editorial campaigns, and strategic advice on social media, as well as the latest in public opinion and media analysis. Working with researchers, journalists, and the leading local, state, and national groups across the country, our democracy collaborative is uniquely positioned as a partner and a connector in informing movement strategy.

Working alongside nearly 100 state and national groups, our goal is to help move our country toward a democratic system where all citizens are equally engaged and where both discriminatory practices and economic barriers to participation have been eliminated.

This currently involves three primary threads of work:

Challenging the corrosive influence of campaign money on our electoral system, which currently gives disproportionate power to wealthy interests while systemically excluding poor, working class and middle-class citizens as well as communities of color and religious minorities.
Strengthening the independence of the judiciary, by both raising public awareness of the growing corporate influence on the courts and by increasing public understanding of the courts role in advancing and defending civil and constitutional rights.
Working to expand voter participation through better access to the ballot, strengthening voting rights, and challenging the suppression of voting rights in communities of color.

The Program Director, in coordination with the Director of Strategy and the Executive Director, will serve as the organizational lead for all of our work within this sector. In this senior level position, the Program Director will oversee initiatives to develop shared media and messaging strategies, provide media and spokesperson training, build organizations’ media outreach and rapid response capacity, provide groups with media and opinion analysis, and support multi-organizational communications initiatives and campaigns.



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