Jewish Girl – Rochelle

Jewish Girl - Rochelle

(Jewish Girl of the Year Voting Page)

We hear you work for Deloitte along with a couple other Jews in the DC community.  I’m quantitatively challenged, so can you explain to me in simple words what you do there?  Do you dominate?
I’m a Recruiter for the Federal Consulting Practice at Deloitte and I love it!  I get to talk to all kinds of people all day long, and I get the satisfaction of extending job offers to candidates which is always exciting.  The most rewarding part of my job is helping to place people in a job that they are passionate about.  Almost everyone is excited when I extend them a job offer so it makes me feel good to deliver the good news.

Tell us about the Sukkah Hop and what you’re doing for it.
I’m one of the Co-chairs this year for the Sukkah Hop and helping to plan and organize the event.  This event is always a sellout, so I’m happy to take part in it.  Everyone meets at 6th and I Historic Synagogue and then we get on buses and tour some of the finest Sukkah’s in DC, and there will be different food and drink at each stop.  You should come!!

Even though all our Jewish Girls of The Week are perfect, what one thing do you want to do even more perfectly this Jewish year? I’m sure many of the other lovely Jewish Girls of the Week are perfect but I’m far from it.  I definitely have my flaws and quirks, and I’m the first to admit it.  One of the things I’m going to try and focus on this year is being more thoughtful and giving to others.  It makes me feel good to do things for my family, friends and even strangers just because I want to and not because I expect anything in return.

The Washington Nationals play the intro or a segment of a song for each Nationals batter that goes to the plate.  The song has to pump the batter up and it has to represent him some way.  What would your music clip be?  (FYI:  Mine would be the first 20 seconds of “All I Do Is Win” – DJ Khaled )
My music clip would totally be Lady Gaga’s “Just Dance.” Even though the song has been played out I know it would definitely get me pumped up.  And who wouldn’t want to Just Dance anyways?

Where will you be for the High Holidays?
I’ll be in DC for Rosh Hashanah and then I’m going home to Virginia Beach for Yom Kippur to spend it with my whole family.  I can’t wait for my mom’s Noodle Kugel!

Jewish Girl – Jackie

Jewish Girl - Jackie(Jewish Girl of the Year Voting Page)

Jackie on why she should be Jewish Girl of the Year:

OY VEY! Where do I start…
I eat kugel, latkes, bagels & shmear,
Keep Birthright memories in my heart,
And sign on to JDate full of fear!

I rock my Jew curls at every Jew event,
Trivia, Reverse Mifgash, and happy hours galore,
Missing out on any of them gets me faklempt,
And you’ll probably see me at many more!

I loved my time as Jewish Girl of the Week,
And with your votes I’ll cheer out loud,
The title of Jewish Girl of the Year I seek,
So help me make my Jewish Bubbi proud

Jewish superhero by night.  What are you by day?
If I’m still rocking my Jew curls, can I also be Jewish superhero by day too?  Otherwise I’m not disguising myself too well for my desk job!

Best movie of the summer?  (If you say something other than Step Up 3, then an explanation is required)
Inception, by far – I’m a girl who loves a good action flick.  And Christopher Nolan is a genius.

I’m sad/happy [choose one] that summer is almost over because:
I’m sad that summer is almost over because now I have to wait another 363 days to celebrate my birthday!  Plus, the Florida girl in me hates putting away summer clothes and breaking out winter coats.

Redskins, Capitals, Nationals, or United.  Do you have a favorite?
Caps, for sure.  Those games keep me on the edge of my seat the whole time.

Teach me what Judaism is while standing on one foot (unless you can stand on one foot for an inordinately long time):
“Let my people go” + 8 crazy nights + Bagels & lox & shmear… Oy vey!  (And that’s when my foot falls down.)

What would be your first initiative as president of the United States?
All new initiatives will be put on hold till I get a sweet ride on Air Force One!  Then possibly establish Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur as national holidays.

If you could step into one part of the Torah, which part would it be, and what would you do?
I would definitely go back to the story of Passover and allow enough time for the bread to rise.

What’s the best upcoming Jewish event in Washington DC?
Duh, the Gather the Jews happy hour tonight at Cafe Citron!  (And I’ll put in a plug for Reverse Mifgash coming up in November!)

Jewish Girl – Abigail

(Jewish Girl of the Year Voting Page)

You recently moved to D.C., right?  How do you like it so far?  What about the D.C. Jewish community?
I love DC so far. There is such a vibrant young Jewish community here. And lots of cute and intelligent Jewish boys!

Thursday night:  Adams Morgan vs. Dupont vs. Chinatown vs. Arlington vs. Capitol Hill.  Discuss.
Dupont because it has the highest concentration of Jews and Front Page has great happy hour specials. Arlington?? People go out in Arlington??

Friday night:  Adas Israel vs. Sixth and I vs. DC JCC vs. Rosh Pina vs. Kesher Israel.  Where can we find you?
Sixth and I! It’s a great place to meet other young Jews. And the food is so good!!

Favorite biblical character and why?
I’d have to go with Rebecca. I admire her work ethic and generosity.

I understand you’re hosting a Jewish event in the next few weeks.  Tell me about it.
Yes! I’m hosting a young professionals’ happy hour for the Republican Jewish Coalition. Wednesday, August 4th at the Madhatter in Dupont. Email me ( for details!!!

I didn’t know that one could be a Republican Jew…  How does it work?
It’s actually very simple and fulfilling to be a Republican Jew. What kind of JGOW would I be if I didn’t enjoy lower taxes, support Israel, and have a crush on Eric Cantor?

Jewish Girl – Matilda

Jewish Girl - Matilda
(Jewish Girl of the Year Voting Page)

I heard you speak Spanish, what is your favorite phrase to say and why?
Mejor sola que mal acompañada. It means better alone than in bad company. I first heard the phrase from my aunt when I was 19 and whenever I am being asked for advice or personally dealing with people who make me feel bad, I just remember it and try to remove people who bring me down from my life. I use it so much I have even started translating it for my friends who don’t speak Spanish.

What is the coolest part about being in law school?
The bad law-school jokes. One would be surprised with how many dirty jokes/come-ons a law student can come up with using legal terms. I also really enjoy Law Revue which is an annual musical based on law school events and the legal profession. I end up laughing so hard I cry.

Finish this sentence:  As Jewish Girl of the Week I will change the world by…
Assuming I get a magic wand, I would like to tap people with my magic wand and have them break out in song, preferably happy songs. I think I like musicals a bit too much.

Who is the coolest living Jew?
Amanda Bynes. I think she is really funny and have been a fan since she was in Nickelodeon’s The Amanda Show. She also is my favorite because she got to be in the movie What a Girl Wants with my celebrity crush, Colin Firth.

What is your favorite Jewish Youtube video?
It is without a doubt the video of Gal Fridman and the entire stadium singing Hatikvah at the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens. Israel’s first gold medal was made more significant by the anti-Semitic history of the Olympics. Every time I watch that video I get teary-eyed.

Where can we find you on a Friday night in DC?
After a pretty busy week, I’m either relaxing at home or going to services with Briana (also a JGOW), depending on what I find on My new fave is Mesorah DC, thanks to Aaron’s suggestion 🙂 and I look forward to going more often.

Jewish Girl – Philippa

Jewish Girl - Philippa
(Jewish Girl of the Year Voting Page)

Interesting name, how did you get it?
My father is South African, my name is a a fairly common name in South Africa and my parents wanted something classic. Also, I am named after my grandfather, since his name was Philip. I do love to ride horses though, which is true to my name.

Since you moved here not too long ago from South Africa, what do you miss most about it?
Wine, noise and chaos, five roses tea (I’m a big tea drinker), family, and the Jewish guys in pink glittery shirts.

Umm, could you expand on the Jewish guys in pink glittery shirts?
Well, the Jewish men in South Africa are slightly more feminine than the ones in the US.
This specific type of man is usually called a bagel, and the South African equivalent of a JAP is called a Kugel.

If you could go on a roadtrip with any Jew (dead or alive), who would you chose and where would you go?
Hmm, not Amy Winehouse. I’d chose my sister because we’ve always tried to be Thelma and Louise, so we love road trippin. We’ll be good going anywhere as long as we don’t kill each other (because that’s what happened to Thelma and Louise).

What’s your favorite metro station and why?
Anyone where the escalator works

What’s your best memory of Hebrew summer camp?
So, first I should say Hebrew summer camp in South Africa is different than it is here. After a 25 hour train ride (from Johannesburg to Hermanus), we had to de-weed the camp site and then set up a tent. We also had to shower in cold water with garbage bags as shower curtains!

Hey, haven’t I seen you somewhere before? Like on some other cool website or something?
Oh… you mean here:

Jewish Girl – Briana

Jewish Girl - Briana

(Jewish Girl of the Year Voting Page)

What does it mean to be Jewish Girl of the Week?
Fame and worship by all Jews throughout the district and beyond.

Where did you get the killer matzah ball recipe?
Not long after I became a vegetarian (pescetarian) at the age of 10, my aunt made a vegetarian matzah ball soup with tons of crazy root veggies in it.  I have been using her recipee ever since because I love vegetables.

What did your mother tell you when you became Jewish Girl of the Week?
Mom to JGotW: Oh, that’s nice, mazeltov. Are you are seeing someone? You are doing all this stuff but are you getting your school work done?

Which holiday is better, Purim or Passover?
Passover.  I live only to feed people.  And for the guilt when I forget and eat some forbidden hamitz.

What are you doing this summer?
Transfering my crown to the next Queen of the Jewz of my law school, which is a lengthy process.  One year as supreme monarch has been very tiring.

What’s your favorite Hebrew song?
Wow that’s tough, I have so many favorites.  On the religious side, I go for Kol Nidre, Max Bruch’s cello version.  Contemporary Israeli would just have to be anything by Hadag Nachash.

Jewish Girl – Sarah

Jewish Girl - Sarah

(Jewish Girl of the Year Voting Page)

Why are you the most amazing Jewish Girl of the week?
Because I actually paid you to make me Jewish Girl of the Week.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
I have lived and traveled in many places and Seattle in particular will always have a big chunk of my heart. But I really love Italy, especially Firenze. Something about their obsession with food and naps makes me feel right at home.

Speaking of the world, what is going to be your platform for Jewish Girl of the World?! (We heard that they are taking applications.)
Free lattes for all.

What is the best part about being Jewish?
Having a community wherever you go.

Where could we find you on a Friday night?
On Friday night I am likely throwing down a massive Shabbat dinner at Moishe House where I live. If you don’t know about it, check out After that, we hit the dance floor.

What is your favorite Jewish food?
The words Jewish and Food next to each other make me cringe a bit. Growing up keeping kosher, this phrase reminds me of pareve desserts and that mystery food known as Margarine. As far as Jewish foods, I think my favorites are actually more Israeli; Shaksuka is an amazing breakfast food and a great Israeli salad with Chumus and Pita is a go-to snack of mine.

You got any videos of you doing poetry?!  Can we watch you throw down (is that the right language)?
Throw down sounds about right. There are no current videos on YouTube but you can check out my stuff at my blog,

Jewish Guy – Rob

RobWhy should you be Jewish Guy of the Year?

A South Floridian-turned-Washingtonian, I’m inspired by GTJ to become more active in our community. Guided by Judaic spirituality, committed to Israel, and imbued with mensch-iness, I’d be privileged to serve as JGOTY. Would this mean I’d become an honorary member of the G-d Squad?? *cue Carlos Santana music*

What’s your favorite article of clothing?
Business suits.

Which popular sitcom character are you closest to?
Alex P. Keaton. Sha-na-na-nah.

How long can you go without your mobile phone?
Since when does a mobile phone affect stamina?!

I heard you went to Hebrew summer camp. What was your favorite or least favorite memory?
My favorite memory of Hebrew summer camp was being taken to see Rodney Dangerfield’s “Back to School” and not understanding any of it because I was maybe 7, but seeing naked women for the first time!

If you could build a house anywhere, where would it be?
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, except they already built one there. D’oh!

What’s your favorite Jewish holiday and why?
Hanukkah, because Jewish military triumphs should be celebrated…and presents help too.

Jewish Girl – Julia Moss

Jewish Girl - Julia Moss
(Jewish Girl of the Year Voting Page)

What makes you a “super Jew?”
Um, hello! My name is JEW-lia. That kind of says it all. But the real reason I’m a super Jew is because I eat, breathe, and live D.C.’s Jew scene. Whether it is kicking butt at Sixth & I’s trivia night or going to the Labor Seder with fellow members of Jews United for Justice’s Jeremiah Fellowship, I’m all about exploring and building my Jewish identity in every possible forum. It’s the core of who I am; it’s my passion and my purpose. Also, my facebook picture used to be of me and Rick Recht.

If you could add on five more commandments
(per this video: 15 Commandments) to the Ten Commandments, what would they be?
11. Thou shall not judge thy neighbor on the cleanliness of her apartment/desk
12. Thou shall not miss an opportunity to have froyo or eat outside when the weather is beautiful
13. Thou shall not use proper nouns or made-up words when playing Scrabble or Bananagrams
14. Thou shall remember that snowpocalypses, long weekends, and happy hours are all perfectly good excuses to act like a kid again and have ridiculous amounts of fun.
15. Thou shall never feel embarrassed to dance or sing-a-long to really bad yet catchy pop songs (Party in the U.S.A., anyone?).

Favorite book by a Jewish author or book that discusses Judaism:
Sure, Abraham Joshua Heschel is amazing, and no one gets 20th century Jewish American life like Philip Roth, but they’ve got nothing on my “Camp JCA Shalom Malibu Summer 1996” songbook.

You are “so D.C.” because:
I am “so D.C.” because my favorite time of day is happy hour; my birthday always falls during the peak of the Cherry Blossoms; I’ve lived here for 6 years, and they’ve been the best 6 years of my life; I don’t understand why people would want to live anywhere else in their 20s and 30s; no matter where I go, I run into people I know; I don’t mind humidity; I root for the Nationals.

On Friday night, you can find me at:
I rarely miss a Moishe House Shabbat, and who doesn’t love Sixth & the City? I love NexGen’s monthly Shabbat Hoppins (Rosh Pina on April 16th at the Hamilton House). Also, Tikkun Leil Shabbat is an awesome experience, as is having friends over for a traditional Shabbat dinner with an Apples to Apples or Taboo showdown.

In ten years you will be doing where and doing what?
If all goes according to my master plan, in 10 years I’ll still be 24 and having an awesome Jewishly fulfilling  life in D.C. But if I can’t suspend time, then I hope to be 34 having an awesome Jewishly fulfilling life in D.C., but maybe not renting.

Jewish Girl – Tila

Jewish Girl - Tila

How will you change the world as Jewish Girl of the Week?
I’m not sure how I can change the world as Jewish Girl of the Week, but I would definitely know how to change the world as Jewish Girl of the Year… hint hint

Who makes the best matzah ball soup?
My mom!!! She is an amazing cook.

Which biblical character are you most like?
Maybe Esther… Because like her, I believe that a strong Jewish community is very important.

What is your favorite Jewish holiday?
My favorite Jewish holiday is Shabbat because it occurs every week! I love the feeling of being able to just relax with friends and family and not have to think about the stresses of the week.

Who is the coolest living Jew (besides the GTJ staff)?
Other than the GTJ staff, I would have to say Natalie Portman.

Where can we find you on a Friday night?
On a Friday night, you can find me either at Chabad or 6th and I.