Leave Adulting Behind this Memorial Day Weekend

Have you figured out your Memorial Day Weekend plans yet? The time is NAI. There are only 50 spots left at the ultimate Jewish summer camp for adults in their 20s and 30s. Haven’t heard of Camp Nai Nai Nai? Let’s break it down.

Four days and 3 nights with 200+ young adults having the experience of a lifetime. From friendship bracelets and Maccabia to Shabbat dinners and chilling out by the lake, CN3 is a total nostalgia trip and the perfect way to unplug and forget about #adulting for the weekend.

AND Camp is a choose your own adventure experience! There are playshops for every mood and every interest because let’s be real here, not everyone wants the same thing.

Feeling crafty? Go learn how to make a gorgeous flower crown!

Feeling adventurous? Give our mud obstacle course a go.

Feeling like you want to do nothing at all? We support you. Go hang out by the lake with your new camp besties.

Come alone, come with friends, there is no wrong way to do Nai except for not doing Nai. So let’s go through the specifics real quick:


Friday – Monday, May 24-27, 2019


Waynesboro, PA


Registering at campnainainai.org by May 10th at 11:59PM.

Aaaaaaand guess what? First-time campers can use code “FirstTimeNai” at checkout to register for only $300. That’s right, you’ll save a total of $75 off of registration which includes meals, accommodations, programming, and all things Nai.

Learn more and book your bunk at www.campnainainai.org.

camp nai nai nai


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